Steve SokolikSteve SokolikNovember 29, 201625min316

Built in 1908 by Colorado Pioneer Walter Cheeseman, purchased by Colorado leader Claude Boettcher in 1923 and used by some of the state’s governors since 1960, the Colorado Governor's Residence, also known as "Colorado's Home" is an incredibly beautiful historic landmark. For the fourth year, professional design teams consisting of members of the American Society of Interior Designers Colorado Chapter (ASID) converged on the residence to decorate six rooms for the holidays. To showcase their work, the Governor's Residence Preservation Fund is offering the public free tours of the mansion Thursday through Sunday, Dec. 8-11 and Dec. 15-18 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. The residence fund wants to present the public with an opportunity to visit “Colorado's Home” and celebrate the global holiday traditions of Colorado’s Sister Cities. This year’s theme? “Colorado's Kith and Kin” (Friends & Relatives).