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Joey BunchJoey BunchFebruary 14, 20183min4940

Chance Hill, the hardest working unopposed candidate in politics, picked up another big endorsement in his bid to represent Congressional District 5 on the University of Colorado Board of Regents.

Heidi Ganahl, the state’s at-large member of the university system governing board, was elected statewide in 2016. She’s viewed as a rising GOP star in the state, as well.

District 5 is El Paso County.

As Colorado Politics has been telling you for months, Hill, a newcomer, is the lone candidate for CU regent spot being vacated by Kyle Hybl, who is term-limited. Hybl was one of the first to endorse Hill, and a long list of other local and state Republicans have as well, so many that our website had to declare a moratorium on his announcements.

Ganahl released a statement about her endorsement:

Dear Friends,

I offer my full support for Chance Hill be to the next CU Regent from Colorado’s 5th Congressional District.

Chance is a Constitutional Conservative, a military veteran, and a recent law school graduate–which will enable him to offer a fresh perspective regarding the challenges that current students face.

Chance is on a mission to help instill a campus culture that truly values intellectual diversity and the spirit of free speech. I am certain that he will seek to appoint administrators who also recognize the importance of producing CU graduates who have been exposed to a variety of perspectives before becoming productive citizens in this Constitutional Republic in which we are so fortunate to live.

Moreover, during his recent experience in the college environment, he witnessed first-hand the impact that rising tuition can have on students. Chance will be a strong advocate for finding ways to eliminate wasteful bureaucracy and minimize costs to the maximum extent possible.

Chance also has a passion for wanting to continue the upward trajectory of UCCS, and I am certain that he will work hard to represent the best interests of the voters in the 5th Congressional District.

Chance has my endorsement, my confidence, and my backing to become your next CU Regent.

I encourage you to vote for him and to support him in any way you can at


Heidi Ganahl
CU Regent, Colorado At-Large State Representative


Joey BunchJoey BunchNovember 14, 20174min5720

State Rep. Paul Lundeen, a candidate for state Senate, is backing political newcomer Chance Hill in the University of Colorado regent’s seat in El Paso County.

They’re both Republicans. Hill does not yet have opposition in the race to succeed Kyle Hybl on on the board that oversees the CU System, including the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

Lundeen is running for the Senate District 9 seat held by Kent Lambert, who is term-limited. Lundeen also is running unopposed.

Here is his letter endorsing Hill:

My Fellow Coloradans:

I support Chance Hill to be our next CU Regent from Colorado’s 5th congressional district.

Chance is a true believer in the values that make our country so exceptional: diversity of thought, seeing people as individuals, and the free exercise and expression of one’s belief system.

But like so many of us, Chance has become deeply concerned about our nation’s educational system and the lessons being taught to our college students–who already are voters and who will shape this country in the decades to come. Ugly displays and riots on campuses around the country indicate that the values that we hold dear–especially free speech–are no longer held in high esteem in the university setting. Instead, weak administrators have created college environments where group identity politics have become the norm and the Leftist obsession with race/ethnicity dominates the campus conversation. Those students who stray from the liberal mindset can experience real social consequences, and their grades sometimes can suffer as well.

Fortunately, the CU System has not experienced the problems described in quite the same way that we have witnessed at places like UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, Middlebury, Evergreen State, and the University of Missouri among others. We are blessed to have a great university system in our beautiful state. Still, the CU System can continue to improve. Chance understands this reality. And he will fight hard as a CU Regent to appoint administrators who will set a tone that demands respect for all perspectives on campus–including those of Conservative professors, guest speakers, and students.

In pushing for the promotion of more intellectual diversity on campus, I am sure that Chance will face challenges–and close-minded liberal radicals probably will attack him. But knowing Chance and his background both as an Iraq War veteran and as a CIA officer, I am confident that he will never cower to the forces of extreme political correctness. Chance is a reasonable guy who will look to establish rapport even with those who disagree with him. But he also is someone with a strong backbone who will not succumb to the personal attacks that he will inevitably face as a result of his willingness to take on the liberal establishment on campuses.

I also believe that Chance will be a strong voice for UCCS and will fight for the best interests of his constituents.

Bottom line: I will be voting for him, and I encourage you to do the same.

Please check out his website at to learn more.

Thanks for your time.


Paul Lundeen
Colorado State Senate Candidate, District 9
Colorado State House Representative, District 19
Former Chair, Colorado State Board of Education


Joey BunchJoey BunchOctober 17, 20173min4800

Chance Hill, the lone candidate for the University of Colorado Board of Regents from the Congressional District 5, tipped off Colorado to his bucks and his endorsement from Ken Buck Tuesday.

Hill’s campaign finance disclosure report will show $41,034 in donations. He has loans of $7,000 and expenses totaling $7,537.

That leaves him with a healthy $40,501 in cash on hand for the race, if one materializes.

The Republican political newcomer has sewn up some impressive endorsements so far: Secretary of State Wayne Williams, Rep. Clarice Navarro and current CU Regent Kyle Hybl, who is term-limited from running for re-election.

Buck, the Weld County district attorney before being elected to Congress to represent Colorado’s District 4 in 2014, added his name to Hill’s list Tuesday.

The congressman for District 5, Doug Lamborn, has not announced an endorsement in the race.

Here’s Buck’s endorsement letter:

I wholeheartedly endorse Chance Hill to be the next CU Regent from Colorado’s 5th Congressional District.

Chance understands that we must instill the next generation with a sense of what it means to be American–and that a proper education lies at the foundation of that cause.

America was founded on certain values that have informed our national character since our inception: individual liberty, self-government, and the value of free expression and belief.

Unfortunately, many universities throughout this country have forgotten that fostering true intellectual diversity — in an environment in which everyone learns about different viewpoints in the marketplace of ideas–is central to the mission of an institution of higher learning.

We must push back against the groupthink Leftist culture that dominates our college campuses — not to indoctrinate students into subscribing to an alternative worldview, but to challenge them to independently form their own opinions after being exposed to a variety of perspectives.

That effort will continue with the right leadership of our CU System–and I believe that Chance is the right person from District 5 to help steer the ship. He is a strong Constitutional Conservative, and he will not be afraid to challenge liberal entrenched interests and needless bureaucracy.

Chance has excelled professionally in the military and in the CIA, and I also expect him to do well in the CU arena. I encourage you to learn more about Chance at and to help him in this endeavor.

He has my full support.


Congressman Ken Buck, Colorado’s 4th Congressional District
Author, “Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption Is Worse Than You Think”


Joey BunchJoey BunchOctober 11, 20172min5340

Chance Hill picked up another key endorsement this week when state Rep. Clarice Navarro, a rising-star Republican, threw her endorsement to the first-time candidate running unopposed so for the University of Colorado regent’s seat from Congressional District 5.

Hill has landed a sack full of big-name endorsements, including Secretary of State Wayne Williams, who is the former El Paso Couty Republican Party chairman, as well as Kyle Hybyl, the current regent for the district who is barred from seeking re-election.H

Here’s what Navarro said in her endorsement letter, released Tuesday:

Dear Friends,

I enthusiastically endorse Chance Hill to be the next CU Regent from Colorado’s 5th Congressional District.

I have come to know Chance as a result of his outreach to voters throughout southern Colorado, especially in Fremont County and Pueblo.

Chance will be a strong voice for the appointment of university administrators who understand the importance of fostering a culture of true intellectual diversity and free speech on CU campuses.

I also believe that Chance will fight for UCCS’s interests within the CU System and will make strides in continuing UCCS’s upward trajectory–which is so important to southern Colorado’s economy.

Chance has run a tremendous campaign, and I think that he has proven his work ethic, his passion, and his leadership skills–all of which will benefit the voters and students of Colorado’s 5th Congressional District when we are fortunate to have him as our CU Regent.

He has my full support.

I encourage you to learn more about Chance at and to support him in any way you can.


Clarice Navarro
Colorado State Representative
House District 47


Joey BunchJoey BunchSeptember 12, 20173min263
If anyone intends to get in next year’s race for the University of Colorado regent seat from Colorado Springs, they best get cracking. Chance Hill continues to Hoover up the key endorsements, announcing Tuesday morning he nabbed another big one, Steve Schuck. Last week Colorado Politics reported that an endorsement from Secretary of State Wayne […]

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Joey BunchJoey BunchSeptember 5, 20174min246
In El Paso County, it would be difficult to find a better endorsement than Wayne Williams, the former county Republican Party chairman, a county commissioner and former county clerk and recorder who was elected secretary of state in 2014. But credit that to political newcomer Chance Hill, his most prominent endorser to date. Hill is […]

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Joey BunchJoey BunchJune 27, 20173min1610
Chance Hill
Chance Hill, at right, a candidate for University of Colorado regent, picked up a key endorsement from former Congressman Bob Schaffer. (Photo courtesy of the Hill campaign)

Chance Hill, a candidate for University of Colorado regent from Colorado Springs, picked up a big endorsement Tuesday. Former U.S. Rep. Bob Schaffer is backing his fellow Republican.

“Chance is a patriot and a strong constitutional conservative,” Schaffer wrote in a letter of endorsement. “He understands that education is critical in maintaining the ideals that have informed our national character since the country’s founding — especially the value of free speech.

“Unfortunately, colleges throughout the country increasingly focus less on fostering an environment that promotes intellectual diversity and free speech and more on ‘safe spaces’ and ‘trigger warnings’ that too often stifle honest, productive discussion.”

CU Regent Kyle Hybl backs Colorado Springs Republican Chance Hill as his successor

Schaffer represented Colorado’s 4th Congressional District from 1997 to 2003 and is a former state senator and the former chairman of the state Board of Education.

“He believes that institutions of higher learning should value free expression and expose college students to a wide variety of viewpoints so that they can independently arrive at their own conclusions,” Schaffer continued. “And as our CU Regent, he will push hard to appoint future administrators who understand this mission as well — and whose leadership sets the tone and expectations for an intellectually diverse setting in which faculty and students of all kinds can thrive.

“Chance also understands the importance of a quality and affordable education, and he will fight to cut costs and curb rising tuition whenever possible.”

Hill participated in the Leadership Program of the Rockies. Schaffer is the program’s chairman.

Hill, a Colorado Springs lawyer and former CIA officer, is the lone candidate who has announced to run for the District 5 seat in Colorado Springs, which is being vacated by Kyle Hybl, who is term-limited.

“Given Congressman Schaffer’s stature throughout Colorado and his background in working to improve education, I really am proud to have his support,” Hill told Colorado Politics. “His endorsement means a lot in this state — especially for a candidate pursuing a position in the education system.”