Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirNovember 13, 20172min10240

Conservative blog Colorado Peak Politics weighed in with a note of skepticism the other day about last week’s vote in Castle Rock to let the public pick the city’s mayors from now. Currently, the mayor of the booming Douglas County hub is just another member of the city council who is chosen by fellow council members (every two years) to wield the gavel.

City voters overwhelmingly approved the charter change by a 2-1 margin. The council is scheduled this week to discuss how to implement the ballot proposal.

A few days after the vote, Peak Politics pushed back at one of the talking points for the charter change — that a directly elected mayor could defuse future attempts at recall elections whenever the council does something that turns out to be unpopular. The argument goes that a popularly elected mayor would have to face voters city-wide in each election, and voters would in turn feel the mayor was answerable to them.

Quips Peak’s inimitable, anonymous blogger:

“Folks in Castle Rock will now get to vote for their own mayor during regular elections, instead of trying to vote them out in recall elections whenever an issue doesn’t go the way of a few individuals.”

…”Now instead of just trying to recall a few council members elected by the people, Castle Rock voters will have the option of recalling the mayor the people elected as well.”

From the frying pan into the fire? Perhaps.


Roger HudsonRoger HudsonJune 28, 20175min1980

When was the last time you visited the little town of Castle Rock, Colorado? Has it been awhile? Just south of Denver, for many traveling along I-25 Castle Rock is simply a place we pass on our way to Colorado Springs. Of course, some may stop and fill up. Others might visit the ever-expanding Outlet Mall (slash) Promenade. And that’s just fine with most us who live there. We’re happy to see you, but even happier to see you go home.