Casper StockhamCasper StockhamApril 26, 20184min631

Is today’s America a great melting pot of individuals pursing their personal dreams (good) or a buffet of tribalistic interests and ideas intent on tearing down and dividing our nation (evil)? At this point, it is both. We are at a tipping point to decide the future of America. We cannot be a melting pot and a buffet at the same time. We must decide. As Abraham Lincoln famously quoted, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”


Ernest LuningErnest LuningMarch 4, 20186min719

STRIKE UP THE BAND ... It is, after all, March Fourth. The celebration started a few days early in Colorado, when John Philip Sousa IV, the grandson of the composer and marching band icon, was on hand to endorse a pair of longshot Republican candidates — Greg Lopez, the former Parker mayor running for governor, and Casper Stockham, who lost a bid to unseat Democrat Diana DeGette in the 1st Congressional District last time around and is giving it another go this cycle.