Miller HudsonMiller HudsonAugust 29, 20186min334

Politics, like most avocations, functions in the shadow of myths. Perhaps the most popular is the notion that real social change grows up out of the grassroots — best captured by, “…if the people lead, then their leaders will follow” trope. There is a modicum of truth to this theory, courage always being in short supply among elected officials. However, upon closer inspection, we frequently discover the fingerprints of hidden actors.


Doug RobinsonDoug RobinsonAugust 1, 20184min579

While losing hurts a lot, the past four weeks have been a great opportunity to spend time with my family, unwind, and do some reflecting on the past year. As a first-time candidate, I learned a number of lessons about the electoral process and wanted to share my thoughts about improvements we can and should make for statewide candidates. These changes will make the process more fair and protect the democratic nature of our elections.