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Adam McCoyAdam McCoyApril 8, 20166min153

Colorado Republicans are banking on a political newcomer this fall to steal a long-held Democratic congressional seat. Landing a decisive victory Thursday night during a district assembly in Arvada, party delegates nominated former Army officer George Athanasopoulos as their candidate to challenge four-term Democratic U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter for Colorado’s 7th Congressional District. Athanasopoulos ran away with the nomination, defeating opponent Bruce Baker 311 votes to 53. The assembly also nominated national delegates from the district, which pledged their support to Ted Cruz at the Republican National Convention.

Jared WrightJared WrightApril 7, 20162min1230

By TCS Publisher and Editor in Chief Jared Wright @_JaredWright_ DENVER — Happy Thursday, and good luck to all parties involved today as the Senate prepares to pass a budget plan not yet agreeable between both parties — with particular dispute over the Clean Power Plan — after today's passage almost certainly heading to conference committee between the House and Senate. Meanwhile, GOP activists and delegate slates continue to clamor over the phones lines and internet webs for the man they want to be president just hours before a string of more congressional district assemblies kick off and two days ahead of the state assembly and convention coming up Saturday. Tonight, the first in a string of CD assemblies in CD7 happens in Arvada. ''Heresy is only another word for freedom of thought" — Graham Greene Now, your substrata feed straight from Colorado's politics pipeline ...

Jared WrightJared WrightMarch 11, 201638min1150

By TCS Publisher and Editor in Chief Jared Wright_@JaredWright_ Friday, March 11, 2016 DENVER — Good morning and Happy Friday. From your friend Donald Trump: "We're all in this together, we're going to come up with solutions, we're going to find the answers to things and so far I cannot believe how civil it's been up here." Now, your substrata feed straight from the politics pipeline: DEBATE WITH LESS HATE Takeaways from last night's Republican debate in Coral Gables, Florida — Marco Rubio knows his attacks on Trump backfired, and it showed, because they were gone from the stage last night. He gave a commanding, Rubioesque performance and his home state audience gave him the applause he loves, but it seemed more a polite curtain call than a call for an encore.

Jared WrightJared WrightMarch 1, 201628min1240

DENVER - The big day has arrived — SUPER TUESDAY. Good luck and stay safe as you make your way out to your caucus locations tonight. "I have learned the difference between a cactus and a caucus. On a cactus, the pricks are on the outside." — Mo Udall Now, your substrata feed straight from the politics pipeline: THE CAUCUS BREAKDOWN Colorado caucusing — Right here in our little mountain state, somewhere around 100,000 Democrats will turn out to 3,010 precinct caucus locations while in the ballpark of 20,000 to 60,000 Republicans will gather in 2,995 precinct locations.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningFebruary 29, 201611min154

Declaring he’s on a mission “to save the Republic,” retired Army Major George Athanasopoulos filed Monday to run in a GOP primary to challenge five-term U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, a Golden Democrat. “When I heard we were making a deal with Iran, I was floored,” Athanasopoulos, who served four tours in Iraq, told The Colorado Statesman. “I view it as a single-point disqualifier for federal office for anyone who supported that deal. Iran was trying to kill us five years ago. It’s not like we had disagreements, they were actively trying to kill us.”

Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsFebruary 17, 20163min1160

This is in response to a Feb. 9 Colorado Statesman article about an Adams County Republican calling on congressional candidate Bruce Baker to resign his Westminster City Council seat over his proposal to end all immigration into the United States. The Adams County Republican Party believes that America is exceptional in many facets of life with specific regard to its founding written documents. People from all over the world want to come to America because of the freedom it gives to all people, regardless of their race, economic status, gender, religion, etc.

Jared WrightJared WrightFebruary 10, 201631min1500

The Colorado Statesman Hot Sheet

By TCS Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Jared Wright@_JaredWright_

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DENVER – Good morning, happy Wednesday, and here’s to a good start to the rest of your week …

Your post-N.H. presidential recap and analysis:

As the polling from the last several days predicted, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders walked away from the Granite State last night with respective wins, Trump commanding 35.1% of the vote and Sanders with a whopping 60% — Clinton conceding the race very early in the evening. Ohio Gov. John Kasich was a bit more of a surprise — though not a complete one — coming in second place in the Republican primary with a distant 15.9%, winning 3 New Hampshire delegates. The guys who called Kasich’s second place “win” will tell you no surprise at all. Several pundits noted Kasich’s all-out-all-in New Hampshire campaign operation leading up to last night, including hosting over 100 town-hall-style meetings in the state, the most New Hampshire appearances by any candidate in this race.

An ARG poll two days prior to the first presidential primary also showed Kasich and Marco Rubio tied for second place to Trump, the end results perhaps evidence of an erosion of support for Rubio following a debate andtown hall flub and the resulting volley of attacks thrown at the Florida senator, an operation led by Jeb Bush and Chris Christie along with outside groups including “America Needs Leadership” dropping mailers ahead of the primary vote last night.

Some believed Bush was finding his stride in New Hampshire … not so much say New Hampshire’s voters. The candidate will now reportedly be going scorched-earth on Kasich and Rubio leading up to the Feb. 20 South Carolina caucus. With eight military installations and 58,000 military retirees, many of Bush’s attacks will be centered in military and veterans issues according to an internal memo circulated by the campaign.

Christie, meanwhile, is heading home to New Jersey to reassess his options, a serious indicator for a campaign that previously claimed it was in it for the long haul.


Yes, Brandon, I believe you could safely ingest that now, though I’m not sure where you picked it up. Trunk of someone’s car in Iowa? Little old lady in a farmhouse? Bought on Amazon?

The bottom line takeaway from last night?

1. Trump is not going away. He has built up a lot of momentum now heading into South Carolina and the rest of the country,
2. Kasich will create a temporary headache for the GOP establishment as the party continues to try to launch a legitimate Trump alternative,
3. Sanders has very real, though predicted, momentum out of New Hampshire,
4. Clinton faces a very serious campaign now, and, depending on how she proceeds, could even be in very real trouble which is why perhaps, as Dick Morris claims here, she is calling in the B Team.

“A trap is only a trap if you don’t know about it. If you know about it, it’s a challenge.” — China Miéville, King Rat


Now, your substrata feed straight from Colorado’s politics pipeline:

TABOR author could be headed back to jail — Douglas Bruce now faces resentencing on March 11 after being found guilty of violating his probation with a laundry list of complaints from his probation officers.

7th CD candidate Baker should resign his council seat says Top Adams County Republican — ICYMI, 7th Congressional District Candidate, and current Westminster City Councilman Bruce Baker was very publicly chastised Monday night by Maria del Carmen Guzman Weese, the Republican vice chair of the 7th CD, who is a former supporter of Baker’s. Weese called Baker out at the city council meeting for his comments about halting immigration to the country.

Clean Power Plan stalls — The SCOTUS stayed the implementation of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan yesterday, pending disposition of the applicants petitions for review in the US Court of Appeals … A very surprising move by the US Supreme Court which normally does not block federal regulations — particularly when petitioner’s requests have already been denied by the D.C. Circuit Court. You can find case documents here.

A relatively unknown candidate in SD4 with a well-known registered agent — Another candidate looking to fill Sen. Mark Scheffel’s seat in Senate District 4, Jim Smallwood, the President of Employee Benefits at Moody Insurance Agency, has filed his paperwork with the secretary of state’s office. While Smallwood is a name not well known in the political community, his registered agent is a recognizable face in Capitol circles — Sheryl Fernandez, former aide to state Rep. Libby Szabo and now scheduler and office manager for U.S. Rep. Ken Buck. It will be interesting to see how this candidacy plays out. His website is currently under construction.

Smallwood joins three other Republican candidates in that race (due to district registration numbers, whoever wins the Republican nomination will very likely be the next senator): Jess Loban, Benjamin Lyng, and Meghann Silverthorn.

Finance report: Silverthorn has raised a total of $1,668.03 with $1,255.09 cash on hand. Loban has raised a total of $2,791.05 with an additional $1,000 loan and $600 in non-monetary contributions. He has $513.74 cash on hand. Smallwood and Lyng have not yet been required to file reports due to their recent entry dates into the race.

Republican jumps in to take on Salazar — A Republican candidate forHouse District 31 will challenge incumbent Democrat state Rep. Joe Salazar and will be announcing her candidacy this evening in Thornton. Jessica Sandgren is a teacher and Westminster native. She appears to have strong support from House leadership, with Minority Leader Brian Delgrosso, Assistant Minority Leader Polly Lawrence and House Minority Whip Perry Buck listed as co-hosts for her announcement event this evening.

Finance report: To date, Sandgren has raised $1,595.00 and has $1,445.48 cash on hand. Salazar has raised $9,053.00 with a carry-over balance of $2,947.70 and has $7,593.12 cash on hand.

There was a parade yesterday … (over 1 million strong, and with at least one awesome hat in attendance — Sen. Kent Lambert’s) —


Followed by a bomb threat — Someone called in a bomb threat to the Capitol around 4:15 pm yesterday, closing the building down for several hours while Colorado State Patrol scoured the building for anything suspicious. CSP gave the all clear just after 7:00 pm with business as usual at the Capitol today.



Democratic Presidential Debate Watch Party  — Thursday, February 11, 2016, 6:00 pm, Capitol Cigars, 919 E Colfax Ave, Denver. Co-hosted by Colorado Young Dems, Capitol Cigars and The Colorado Statesman.

Colorado Democrat’s Jefferson Jackson … I mean 83rd Annual Dinner —Saturday, February 13, 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm MST, at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, 1550 Court Pl, Denver. Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are both speaking at the event.

Jefferson County Republican Men’s Club Breakfast — Monday, February 15, 7:00 am to 9:00 am, Davies Chuck Wagon Diner, 10151 W 26th Ave, Wheat Ridge: Tom Tancredo will be presenting on “Why he is no longer a Republican.”

South Carolina Primary — Democrats: Saturday, Feb. 20; Republicans, Tuesday, Feb. 23.

Agriculture Day at the Capitol — Set for Tuesdays, March 16 — get ready for awesome food and great folks to descend upon the Capitol.


“Being in politics is like being a football coach. You have to be smart enough to understand the game, and dumb enough to think it’s important.”— Eugene J. McCarthy

More from the wires:

The Denver Post’s David Migoya reports on Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg’s bill, SB-44, to block the state from challenging land appraisals except in far narrower circumstances.

The Statesman’s Ramsey Scott reports on Reps. Faith Winter and Jeni Arndt’s climate action plan bill, HB-1004.

Ramsey also has a report for you on the dueling House-Senate full-day kindergarten efforts from kindred spirits Sen. Andy Kerr and Rep. Jim Wilson. Both headed for fails on this one?

The Gazette’s editorial board has it’s opinion on the blow served by SCOTUS to the Clean Power Plan with congratulatory remarks to Colorado AG Cynthia Coffman

KDVR’s web staff have this report on the ‘million fan march’ downtown yesterday to celebrate the Broncos Super Bowl 50 win.

The Durango Herald’s Mary Shinn reports on the Durango City Council’s considering a long-term housing for the homeless project.

Roll Call Staff writes, “What we learned from New Hampshire”

Politico’s Benton Ives reports on President Obama’s sought after tax hikes on banks and the wealthy to pay for the $4 trillion budget.

Throwback — 9to5’s Erin Bennet wrote a guest column in 2015 for theDenver Post calling on Colorado to address the pay equity gap — a drum beat now going strong under the Gold Dome.

Colorado Capitol Watch — From our bill tracking partner at Colorado Capitol Watch:

House Bill Wrap-Up: Today (2/9)

Senate Bill Wrap-Up:  Today (2/9)

Bills Passed 3rd Reading: Today (2/9)

NO New Bills:  2016 2/9  

380 All Bills:  2016 

Bipartisan Bills: 2016, This Week

Audio Update: This WeekToday 

 2/10 3rd Reading of Bills 

2/10 Calendar & Upcoming Bills 

All Upcoming Bills 

House and Senate Calendars:

HOUSE – Your Feb. 10 Calendar here 

SENATE – Your Feb. 10 Calendar here 

You’re up to date. Have a great Wednesday! Until tomorrow …

Tell us what you know! – To submit a tip, event, happening, gossuping, chattering or other interesting tidbit to The Hot Sheet, click here to submit via our contact form … yes, even anonymously if you’re feeling all cloak and dagger.



Ernest LuningErnest LuningFebruary 9, 20169min489
The Republican vice chair of the 7th Congressional District delivered a blistering response Monday night to recent remarks about immigration policy by the GOP candidate running in the district, saying she felt “cheated and used” when she backed him for a Westminster City Council seat and is now calling for him to step down. During the […]

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