Ernest LuningErnest LuningJune 18, 20177min569

Nigel Farage, co-founder of the UK Independence Party and leader of the Brexit movement to withdraw the United Kingdom from the European Union, told Colorado Politics it could be time for President Donald Trump to address the American people in order to counteract what he called “pure obstructionism” by establishment forces in the wake of last year’s global populist wave.


Wellington WebbWellington WebbNovember 15, 201614min488

As we begin to digest the 2016 election results, let me begin with our successes. First, I want to congratulate Denver voters on our 80 percent turnout, which is outstanding. I also want to congratulate Emmy Ruiz for running a great campaign in Colorado for Hillary Clinton. She helped make Colorado blue and bring Hillary our vote. Emmy was calm throughout the campaign, met with everyone she needed to and kept focus. It’s unfortunate we didn’t have more people like her nationwide. I’m also glad Denver and metro voters endorsed continuing the tax on the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District along with the Denver Public Schools bond proposal. Additionally, it was gratifying voters statewide understood the need to protect our Constitution and endorsed Amendment 71.


Clifford D. MayClifford D. MayNovember 10, 20168min394

Andrew Roberts, one of the world’s great historians, took America to task just over one week ago. Let me rephrase that: He took Americans to task for what they — or rather we — are doing to these United States during an election season that often seems like a satirical novel, albeit one that would have benefited from more rigorous editing.


Clifford D. MayClifford D. MayJuly 5, 20168min331

Whether you think the United Kingdom exiting the European Union is cause for alarm or celebration, you have to concede this: Britons engaged in an open, lively and mostly peaceful debate, they turned out in droves, they cast their votes freely and fairly and, by so doing, expressed their will and determined their future. That’s called democracy. Is there a preferable alternative? Despite pollsters’ predictions, the referendum on Brexit – for British exit — was a clear victory for Leave over Remain. Those wanting out of the EU did not vote their pocketbooks. On the contrary, they were repeatedly warned by establishment figures — President Obama among them — that they would pay a steep economic price for going their own way. To say I saw this coming would be an exaggeration but I do think I caught a glimmer — almost a quarter century ago. I was among a group of journalists hosted by a European foundation eager that Americans form a positive view of a changing Europe.