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Dan NjegomirDan NjegomirMay 19, 20173min1680

Without peeking at that folded-up front page of the New York Times that’s working its way down your pile of backlogged must-reads on the corner of your desk, could you say with certainty just what Donald Trump is supposed to have done in his dealings with the Russians that may have broken the law?

Perhaps you can but — true confessions — we’d have to check the Times.

And so it goes with political controversies for a lot of us rank-and-file voters, going all the way back to the scandals of the Johnson administration — Andrew, not Lyndon. The details are fuzzy. (Quick: Do you remember why Bill Clinton was impeached? You do remember he was impeached, don’t you?)

Maybe, in a roundabout way, that’s what Colorado’s 4th Congressional District U.S. Rep. Ken Buck was getting at with his remark on KOA-AM radio the other day that the media are “inventing this Russia story” about Trump.

In other words, not that the Greeley Republican believes there’s no truth to the allegations — he has in fact said otherwise, allowing that evidence could turn up — but rather that a lot of people aren’t sure what the allegations are in the first place. So, to them, it all seems ginned up. And Buck was channeling that.

Then again, maybe he was just calling us media types a bunch of liars.

In a post this week on ColoradoPols, political blogger and pundit Jason Salzman seems to think it’s the latter. That it’s another case of right-wing pols and their talk-radio fan base shooting the messenger and resurrecting the bogeyman of liberal media bias.

Salzman also dissects some other recent talk-radio banter on the subject. Read his full post linked above on Pols or via Salzman’s own Big Media Blog.