Paula NoonanPaula NoonanJune 22, 20165min310

Legislators make their mark through their sponsored bills. Sponsored bills show what issues legislators commit to, their bipartisan collegiality, their productivity in bills passed versus bills killed, and their dispositions related to bills that function as messages versus bills intended to become law. Legislators are supposed to sponsor no more than five bills, but only six House members kept to that maximum.


Jared WrightJared WrightMarch 18, 201618min920

A bill sponsored by a bipartisan coalition of representatives and senators fighting an international boycott of Israel sailed through the process this session, clearing its last hurdle Friday when Gov. John Hickenlooper signed it into law in the ceremonial chambers of the governor's state Capitol offices. With nearly half of the 120-day legislative session remaining, this was a quick deal, and only because it had been carefully crafted by groups behind the scenes during the interim, meticulously studied by its sponsors and negotiated laboriously by state Jewish groups since its introduction — all of which earned the bill broad, across-the-aisle support. But, one might ask, what does the state of Colorado have to do with Israel?