Ernest LuningErnest LuningFebruary 10, 20175min788

A statewide co-chair of the 2016 Colorado Trump campaign said Friday she was frustrated and disappointed that the campaign’s other co-chair sent an email earlier in the week to Republicans endorsing Jeff Hays in the race for state GOP chair on behalf of the Trump campaign. “As a co-chair of the Trump team, I have not endorsed anybody,” Barb Neville told The Colorado Statesman. “This is very disappointing that the perception is that I have come out and supported Jeff Hays. I have not.”

Jared WrightJared WrightAugust 25, 201642min464

DENVER — Good day and welcome to the Hot Sheet revolution — the idea that you can get all your insider Colorado political news in one place without having to scour the Internet and wade through the political catacombs yourself, a process that would take you hours a day and leave you filthy and exhausted at best. Trust me, I know. So here it is, The Hot Sheet, cooked up just for you ... you're welcome. Today is the National Park Service's 100th Anniversary! For those of us growing up or living in the American West, it's a day that shares a special place in all our hearts. What a privilege to share the incredible beauty of our public lands! On August 25, 1916 President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill into law to create the National Park Service to oversee the already-established national parks and “such other national parks and reservations of like character as may be hereafter created by Congress.” To the National Park Service, "Let the Eagle Soar"