Ernest LuningErnest LuningMarch 7, 20186min2946

Calling him a "climate champion," the Sierra Club Colorado on Tuesday announced its support for Jason Crow, a Democrat running against incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman in Colorado's 6th Congressional District — but one of Crow's primary opponents blasted the endorsement as an example of a "rigged system" favoring party insiders.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningFebruary 18, 201816min1160

THEY GRABBED A CLIPBOARD ... It looks like a lot of Coloradans took the advice of a certain soon-to-be-former president. In his farewell address, delivered just over a week before leaving office, President Barack Obama said an oft-quoted line — "If you're disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, get some signatures, and run for office yourself" — that might have launched a thousand candidacies, including quite a few here in Colorado.


Hal BidlackHal BidlackFebruary 9, 20186min651

My poor and long-suffering editor here at Colorado Politics is Diligent, Awesome, and Nice, so I call him “Dan.” And poor Dan often has to remind me that the name of the site is “Colorado Politics” and not “DC Politics.” And I really, really do try to write about Colorado. After all, there is lots to write about here in the West. I even got a nice note from a former Colorado governor, telling me he liked one of my columns that talked about, well, Colorado stuff. I should write more about Colorado to make both Dan and any other governors out there, happy.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningJanuary 8, 201817min8480

Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the No. 2 Democrat in House leadership, encouraged Democrat Levi Tillemann to end his primary campaign in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District during a December meeting at a Denver hotel, saying that state and national congressional and party leaders had decided “very early on” to consolidate their resources behind another Democrat, Jason Crow, to run against Republican incumbent Mike Coffman, according to detailed notes Tillemann wrote immediately after the meeting.