Mike McKibbinMike McKibbinApril 24, 20176min322

Remember those so-called "Hamilton Electors?" Of course you do. They were four of the nine Colorado Democratic electors who joined a national movement to try to thwart Donald Trump's election through the Electoral College process. The plan was to get enough electors nationwide to band together and vote for an alternate candidate, keeping Trump from the White House.


Ernest LuningErnest LuningMarch 22, 20175min525

President Donald Trump’s three oldest children, Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka, along with their spouses and eight presidential grandchildren — and what a local newspaper reported would be “about 100 Secret Service agents” — have been vacationing in Aspen this week for spring break, and it’s got some of the mountain resort’s denizens howling.


The Aspen TimesMarch 17, 20171min257
A large contingent of President Donald Trump’s children and grandchildren are scheduled to vacation in Aspen this weekend, sources said Thursday. U.S. Secret Service agents met recently with members of the Aspen Police Department, though they did not ask for assistance with the Trumps, according to an area law enforcement source who requested anonymity. Suggested: Trump […]

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David O. WilliamsDavid O. WilliamsJuly 13, 201618min568

In certain working-class towns on Colorado’s Western Slope, it’s a slur to say someone is an Aspen liberal, and it’s an accusation that’s been thrown at Democrat Gail Schwartz repeatedly since she first decided to challenge incumbent U.S. Scott Tipton, R-Cortez, in early April. “While Gail Schwartz has been at a cocktail party somewhere in Aspen, far removed from the working people of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District and no doubt patting herself of the back for all her brilliant extremist ideas, Congressman Tipton has been standing up for the coal industry, high paying jobs and affordable energy,” a Tipton fundraising email read on June 7. The strategy is clear: Paint Schwartz, a former state senator and member of the CU Board of Regents, as an elitist Aspenite obsessed with renewable energy at the expense of Colorado’s coal, oil and natural gas industries. It’s reminiscent of Republican attempts, ultimately successful, to portray former Sen. Mark Udall as a Boulder liberal obsessed with social issues over economic concerns.


Kara MasonKara MasonFebruary 17, 20168min350
Sen. Kerry Donovan, D-Vail, represents SD-5, one of the state’s most competitive districts. It’s a rural mountain part of the state, home to sometimes hard-pressed mining and drilling towns, but also to global vacation destinations such as Aspen and Vail. It’s a narrowly divided Republican-Democratic district in terms of voter registration, and she won her […]

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