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The oil and gas industry gets kicked around by community activists who don’t like fossil fuels or their operations nearby, but there is a great upside to the industry. It rains tax revenue on the state and local communities alike, generates jobs and gives politicians another thing to argue about.

And last month it had a Mardi Gras ball for charity. Laissez les bons temps rouler

“It often goes unsaid, but our energy industry members tirelessly give back to the communities in which they live,” Scott Prestidge, the amicable flack for the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, told me in an email. “There are days when working for a trade association, representing their great work and witnessing their efforts, is absolutely humbling.”

What did they do this time? Raised more than $200,000 for Denver’s Tennyson Center for Children, which helps victims of severe abuse, neglect or trauma.

“The Tennyson Center’s leadership and staff work tirelessly to support children and give them a chance at a new beginning. Our hats are off to the organization and their entire team for lifting up our community and providing real life second chances to those who deserve it most,” said my friend and former Denver Post co-worker Dan Haley, who is now president of the trade association.”

Threw in Chip Rimer, the senior VP of Noble Energy: “I am gratified and humbled by the generosity that our industry has shown to this outstanding community partner. By working together, we can make a difference in the lives of countless children for years to come.”

Here’s what COGA says about the Tennyson Center:

Tennyson Center for Children, based in Denver, Colo., is dedicated to helping children who have
experienced severe abuse, neglect and/or trauma so they can bravely, and safely, change their life’s
story. For the past 113 years, Tennyson’s trained professionals have empowered generations of
children and families by providing a child-centered, customized approach to healing through our
community-based, school, and/or residential programs. The primary goal of all TCC programs is to
reintegrate our children back into safe families, supportive schools and vibrant communities.

Haters can protest the pipelines and property lines another day.

COGA handed out some other awards at the ball:

  • Individual Community Service Award
    Terry Peltes. Terry, CEO of Energes
  • Small Company Community Service Award
    Bill Barrett Corp.
  • Large Company Community Service Award
    Anadarko Petroleum Corp.


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Oil and natural gas companies that do business in Colorado are investing in a lot more then drilling, pumping, support services and politics. Members of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association have donated about $10 million, and climbing, to the American Red Cross for relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. “Houston, in many […]

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Paula NoonanPaula NoonanMay 31, 20175min453

Both “sides” in the arguments over oil and gas development say the other is “taking advantage” of the explosions in Firestone and Mead. This should not be a time for sides. This should be a time for serious analysis. It can also provide an opening that should, for the sake of everyone in the state, cut through sides to allow common sense to function. Both accidents caused violent fire and explosions leading to death and serious injuries in non-industrial environments. The Mead accident occurred 1,000 feet from other buildings, according to reports. The Firestone explosion blew up a house as a pipe leaked gas that followed French drains into the Martinez’s basement.


John TomasicJohn TomasicApril 27, 20175min399

Boulder County’s moratorium on new oil and gas drilling expires in three days — but the lawsuit seeking to lift that moratorium will continue, for now. On Wednesday, Boulder District Judge Norma Sierra denied the county’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, which was filed early in the year by state Attorney General Cynthia Coffman and later joined by the oil and gas industry.