John CookeJohn CookeSeptember 12, 20186min3624

It’s been almost three months since Colorado’s governor signed an executive order directing state air quality regulators to begin the rulemaking process to adopt California’s “Low Emission Vehicle” (LEV) auto emissions standards. But surprise! The governor’s regulators at the Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) are changing direction and instead moving to adopt the far more radical and costly California “Zero Emission Vehicle” (ZEV) standards.


Faith WinterFaith WinterAugust 21, 20186min585

The Clean Air Act of 1970 – which was signed into law by a Republican President, demonstrating that a commitment to our environment doesn’t have to be a partisan issue – allows states to either comply with federal vehicle emissions standards or to adopt one alternative set of standards. The last set of federal standards were adopted with support from auto-manufacturers in large part to align with the state standards, so that they would have one clear standard. President Trump’s proposed rollback of the federal standards would result in two standards once again, unless the federal government forces the states to adopt the federal standard – which would be a blatant intrusion on a right of the states that has been respected by Presidents of both parties for decades.


Jack TateJack TateJuly 9, 20186min1560

Gov. Hickenlooper recently signed an executive order directing his appointees at the Air Quality Control Commission to promulgate a new rule adopting California’s Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) standards for new vehicle sales in Colorado beginning in 2022. If successful, the governor’s plan will very likely cost Coloradans billions of dollars in higher vehicle prices and taxpayer subsidies.

Colorado PoliticsColorado PoliticsNovember 16, 20171min386
The Colorado Petroleum Council issued the following statement regarding the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Air Quality Control Commission’s new rule. “Our industry continues to focus on our commitment to responsible development of energy resources in a manner consistent with protection of the environment, public health and safety,” said Colorado Petroleum Council Executive […]

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