John TomasicJohn TomasicFebruary 10, 20175min492

State Rep. Stephen Humphrey is feeling optimistic that Democrats and liberal interest groups will join with Republicans and conservative interest groups to support the campus free speech bill he’s sponsoring this year with Sen. Tim Neville. “I haven’t counted any votes yet, but I haven’t heard anyone say they have major concerns,” Humphrey said in an interview on Wednesday. “I think once people heard what the bill was really about, they were like, ‘Well, there are no bogey men in the bill.’ They found out it’s really about free speech and not restricting it to some postage stamp area in a corner of the campus, which I think we can all agree is a good idea.” The bill, <a href="" target="_blank">SB 62</a>, contains free speech protections and free assembly protections on college campuses, which is a factual but benign way to describe it. It’s also a bill that taps into a national cultural battle that has seen conservative cable news pundits clash with university students and administrators in recent years.