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Fawn BolakFawn BolakJanuary 19, 20184min7581

If you get lost on your way to the Women’s March this Saturday and find yourself walking past the “March for Abolition,” don’t expect to hear any homage paid to Frederick Douglass, Nat Turner or Harriet Tubman. The so called “Colorado Right To Life” organization has foolishly appropriated language rooted in the anti-slavery movement in a botched attempt to compare apples to orange seeds. Demonstrators will congregate outside the Stapleton Planned Parenthood on Jan. 20 to intimidate anyone seeking a wide range of reproductive health services while preaching abortion “abolition.”

Joey BunchJoey BunchJanuary 27, 20174min121
Colorado abortion opponents had mixed reviews of the Trump administration’s anti-abortion stand Friday during the March for Life in Washington, D.C. “Thrilling, that’s what it was,” said Amanda Smith, an anti-abortion activist in Denver. “We’ve been waiting a long time to get a president and vice president with the courage to take this on.” Though […]

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