Jessica MachettaNovember 8, 20174min456
Denver voters gave the green light for city officials to allocate nearly a billion dollars for 460 citywide projects as part of the city’s growth plan, so now what? Mayor Michael Hancock says it’s a vote of confidence from the people and a huge responsibility that won’t be taken lightly. “With a yes vote, we […]

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Ernest LuningErnest LuningOctober 27, 20174min1221

Voters over age 60 are casting their ballots at a fast clip, accounting for almost 60 percent of the total ballots returned through Thursday morning, according to Colorado election officials. With 12 days until Election Day — and just five days until the U.S. Postal Service and Colorado secretary of state's office recommend mailing ballots to ensure they're received in time — county clerks reported receiving 236,367 ballots. That total includes ballots received at 24-hour drop-off locations around the state, those cast at vote centers and those sent by mail.


Jared WrightJared WrightFebruary 24, 20174min1421

Election season 2017 will soon be upon us. Open seats for election include city and town councils and school board races. Running for office is both a thrilling and a scary experience. For individuals, complying with the numerous campaign finance rules is an overwhelming experience. Issues facing candidates range from finding a qualified treasurer, opening a bank account, establishing procedures regarding acceptance of contributions and reporting of the committee’s activity. One of the first positions a candidate needs is a treasurer. The treasurer collects contributions and disburses funds to cover expenses. The treasurer also carefully completes the important job of filing campaign finance reports. Finding a qualified treasurer is one task a candidate needs to consider carefully. An ideal person to fill the role is an individual who is trustworthy and organized and one who is familiar with handling financial transactions while being able to file campaign reports in a timely manner. The individual also needs to be familiar with appropriate jurisdiction’s campaign finance laws.