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Steamboat Today: Spring Creek is wrong place for performance venue

Author: The Steamboat Today Editorial Board - January 2, 2018 - Updated: January 1, 2018

We admire Piknik Theater Director Stuart Handloff’s goal of creating a new community performance stage in a serene setting, but we are concerned that Spring Creek Park is the wrong place at the wrong time.

City of Steamboat Springs Parks and Recreation commissioners were tentatively receptive this month to Handloff’s proposal to build an amphitheater to seat 200 to 300 in the park. But the commissioners also had some concerns and so do we.

Commission Chairman Alan Koermer pointed out that the city is in the midst of preparing to begin the urgent project of replacing an aging dam at Spring Creek ponds. Koermer expressed concern that pursuing the amphitheater in conjunction with the dam work could lead to delays.

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The Steamboat Today Editorial Board