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Space Force: Colorado Springs is epicenter for space

Author: Tom Roeder, The Gazette - June 25, 2018 - Updated: June 25, 2018

Fran Kelly, an engineer with Analytical Graphics Inc. sets up a display in a blackened tent at the 31st Space Symposium, held at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, in 2015. (The Gazette file photo)

Colorado Springs and Colorado have become the epicenter for America’s military space efforts over the past 36 years. Here’s a look at some local military space units:

Air Force Space Command: This four-star command at Peterson Air Force Base overseas military space efforts nationwide. With a budget topping $12 billion and 30,000 airmen and civilian workers, it is the nation’s hub for military space.

Army Space and Missile Defense Command: This one-star command element at Peterson oversees top Army Space efforts including satellite communications and missile defense.

21st Space Wing: This Peterson unit oversees missile warning and “space control” for Space Command. It is the key center for “space situational awareness” – the military term for knowing what’s in orbit.

50th Space Wing: This Schriever Air Force Base unit is the key hub for control of military satellites. Airmen in the wing control satellite networks, including the Global Positioning System.

1st Space Brigade: This Fort Carson unit controls Army space efforts and includes “space support teams” that travel to combat theaters around the globe to help troops on the ground use assets in orbit.

National Space Defense Center: The center at Schriever brings together military space troops and intelligence agency experts to plan for the possibility of a war reaching space.

Joint Force Space Component Command: This group at Schriever coordinates military space operations across the service branches.

310th Space Wing: This Air Force Reserve at Schriever includes part-time airmen who fill in for their full-time space counterparts.

460th Space Wing: This unit at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora controls a constellation of missile warning satellites

100th Missile Defense Brigade: This Colorado Springs-based National Guard unit controls interceptors in California and Alaska that are designed to take out incoming nuclear warheads as they travel in space.

Tom Roeder, The Gazette

Tom Roeder, The Gazette