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RTD surprised by Aurora’s response to proposed light-rail cuts

Author: Adam McCoy - September 21, 2017 - Updated: September 21, 2017


Even with cuts to service, Aurora’s light-rail R line would be sustainable.

That’s the pushback from Regional Transportation District spokesperson Nate Currey in an interview with 9news’ Kyle Clark after Aurora characterized proposed cuts to the rail line as premature and said the district hasn’t done enough to market the route.

RTD’s proposed cuts to the rail line due to poor ridership irked Aurora city officials last week. They said the route is just six months old, and the proposal was premature. Cuts to the line that runs along I-225 would reduce weekday service and cease weekend routes.

This week, Currey told Clark the line would remain viable even with cuts, and should ridership pick up, RTD could restore service. Currey also said he was surprised by the response from Aurora and Mayor Steve Hogan.

It’s unfortunate he feels this way about us. I think we’ve been very good partners. We’ve been transparent with Aurora with that. And our process is, our staff makes a recommendation, we go out to the public for feedback, they make a final recommendation, and then our elected board votes on that. So they take all that into consideration.

Responding to Hogan’s comment on the lack of marketing on RTD’s part, Currey said communities often expect the district to go it alone, but it should be a partnership.

“If they want the success of the R Line just as much as we do, they need to be out there promoting it with us,” Currey told Clark, in part.

RTD starts public hearings Thursday on the proposed cuts in Aurora.

Watch Currey’s full interview with Clark here

Adam McCoy

Adam McCoy

Adam McCoy covers Denver-area politics for Colorado Politics.