Friday House Notes: Roe v. Wade anniversary; Broncos-based bipartisanship

Author: Ramsey Scott - January 22, 2016 - Updated: January 23, 2016

The Colorado House chamber.
The Colorado House chamber.

Abortion decision recognition

Democratic members of the House took time Friday morning in the chamber to recognize the 43rd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

Speakers, including Reps. KC Becker, D-Boulder, Angela Williams, D-Denver, Joann Ginal, D-Fort Collins, Lois Court, D-Denver, Rhonda Fields, D-Aurora, and Max Tyler, D-Lakewood, spoke for several minutes each about the importance of the decision to women’s health and safety and well-being. They also lauded Colorado for leading the nation by liberalizing its abortion laws in 1967, six years before the Roe decision.

Democratic caucus members stood in support of the remarks. No Republicans went to the well to speak and observers noted that some House Republican members left during the Democratic comments. Sources at the Capitol, however, said there was no statement-making undertaken on the part of Republicans — not with words or feet.

Republican Reps. Lang Sias, R-Arvada, and Lois Landgraf, R-Fountain, are sponsoring an anti-abortion personhood bill this session.

Bipartisanship for the championship

Members of the House and Senate agreed to pass a joint resolution supporting the Denver Broncos and the team’s push to make it once again to the Super Bowl, and declaring Sunday Jan. 24 as Denver Bronco’s Appreciation Day. The team will play a conference championship game this Sunday against the New England Patriots. Orange-clad lawmakers from both sides of the aisle teamed up to show their support and to throw shade on teams like the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Senators donned Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning jerseys and noted that his winning No. 18 is the same winning number of votes it takes in the Senate to pass a bill.


Ramsey Scott

Ramsey Scott

Ramsey Scott is a Legislative Reporter and Producer for The Colorado Statesman.