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Rockvale’s ‘Mud Fest’ leads to mudslinging — and then to a recall

Author: Kara Mason - January 19, 2018 - Updated: January 19, 2018


The small southern Colorado town of Rockvale has a new mayor following a major falling-out over a truck-mudding event that took place in August.

That’s when a kerfuffle ensued after town leaders were accused of wrongly firing the town’s clerk, who said she believed the town was misusing funds from “Mud Fest,” an event the town says attracted around 700 spectators. Former clerk Kimberly Greer said the city should have recieved way more than the $2,695.20 reportedly raised.

Greer was terminated shortly after voicing concerns. Town leaders were then accused of violating Colorado Sunshine Laws.

Now, Dave Barnes replaces Dan Schlaak as mayor in the town of less than 500 people. Barnes received just 79 votes. 10 people in the old coal town voted against having a recall at all, according to the Cañon City Daily Record, which has been on the story since Mud Fest.

“Barnes, who has lived in Rockvale for more than 30 years, said his first priority heading into the new job will be to clean up the town’s finances.

“That would be the top one,” he said. “I think we’ll get it all back on track with a new board. I look forward to it.”

Barnes also said he decided to run after several Rockvale citizens “asked him to consider it.”

As of mid-December, it was unclear whether Rockvale would even have a recall. The Daily Record couldn’t confirm with local town officials when the recall would take place. Now, Barnes tells the paper that he will likely assume the position before the end of the month.

Another election is in the works to replace board members in the town, according to the paper. That election is slated to take place next week.

Kara Mason

Kara Mason

Kara Mason covers southern Colorado, Aurora and statewide issues for She also writes for the Aurora Sentinel.