IN RESPONSE: Rep. Lebsock is being unfairly tried in the press

Author: Colorado Politics - December 6, 2017 - Updated: December 6, 2017

Steve LebsockRep. Steve Lebsock, D-Thornton, talks to reporters about sexual harassment allegations against him. (Photo by Joey Bunch/Colorado Politics)

Rep. Steve Lebsock should not resign based on allegations. If he were to be found guilty after an independent investigation, he should most definitely resign.

I worked for Rep. Lebsock from December 2014 until November 2017. My resignation had nothing to do with the allegations made against him. During the time I worked for him, I never witnessed him do anything sexually inappropriate.

Two days after the allegations came out, I sent a statement to Speaker Duran’s office, to Gov. Hickenlooper’s office, to Marilyn Eddins, and to the Colorado State Patrol stating that I have never witnessed any sexual misconduct by Rep. Lebsock. I still haven’t received any acknowledgement of that statement, nor have I been contacted by anyone about an investigation.

I have advocated for women’s causes my whole life. I helped my ex-partner successfully sue an organization for sexual harassment in the 1990’s. I am a former police officer. If I had seen Rep. Lebsock do anything sexually inappropriate, I would have called him on it, reported it, and resigned immediately.  I thoroughly understand investigations, and if they are doing one, I should have been one of the first people interviewed. I tried to keep from speaking out publicly to protect the integrity of the investigation, but it appears there is no investigation. This is all being played out in the media, where the people calling for his resignation wants it to be played out.

Rep. Faith Winter says this is not about politics. I disagree. I worked there and saw how dirty politics is. As a former police officer, I charged women for falsely accusing men of rape, but I also championed women coming forward on real sexual harassment complaints and sexual assault allegations. I saw a lot of things at the Capitol that gave me pause, and these were all culturally accepted by the Legislature, including the Democratic leadership.

I am disappointed by how this whole situation has been handled; by the accusers, by the Democrats, by the Legislature, and by the state of Colorado.

Karen Spaulding

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