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The Pueblo Chieftain: Unfinished city business

Author: The Pueblo Chieftain Editorial Board - January 12, 2018 - Updated: January 12, 2018

City Council President Chris Nicoll, the council’s new presiding officer, has a list of issues he hopes to tackle in 2018. His list includes some of the city’s unfinished business entering the new year.

Near the top is the Black Hills Energy “off-ramp” commission focused on exploring ways to get the city out of its 20-year franchise contract with the utility that has brought Pueblo some of the highest electric rates in the state.

“There’s only a couple of things you can do; it’s really limited,” Nicoll said upon assuming the title of council president Monday night. “Basically, you have to create a municipal power utility, so there’s several different ways to do that and that’s what the commission will examine.”

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The Pueblo Chieftain Editorial Board