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The Pueblo Chieftain: Paving over doubts about ballot initiative

Author: The Pueblo Chieftain Editorial Board - December 7, 2017 - Updated: December 7, 2017

Pueblo voters took a leap of faith last month when they approved a ballot initiative allowing new monthly fees to be created to cover road repair work. Since the Pueblo City Council recently agreed to expedite the start of the planned road work, it appears that faith was justified. At least somewhat.

Council members decided last week that the road work could begin as early as next spring, even though the details about the new fee schedule haven’t been worked out yet. Public Works Director Earl Wilkinson said the first project, repaving a stretch of Santa Fe Avenue, will go out for bid next month. The actual work will begin after the weather warms up enough, probably sometime in April or May.

City officials plan to use money from the city’s general fund to pay for the work, then reimburse the general fund after the new fee collections begin. This is an aggressive, forward-thinking approach. And it’s one that’s welcome, under the circumstances.

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The Pueblo Chieftain Editorial Board