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Pueblo Chieftain: Huerfano prison remains mothballed

Author: The Pueblo Chieftain Editorial Board - June 23, 2018 - Updated: June 23, 2018

The pattern is becoming all too familiar.

Less than two months after state lawmakers turned down a funding request to reopen the Huerfano County Correctional Facility, Department of Corrections officials asked again.

Rick Raemisch, the DOC’s executive director, wanted the Joint Budget Committee to approve an emergency allocation of $11.3 million to reopen the prison just east of Walsenburg. Raemisch’s reasoning was the same as it was when he made the request during this year’s legislative session: The state’s prison population is expected to exceed capacity by about 800 inmates next year.

Unfortunately, he got the same answer from the JBC this week: No.


The Pueblo Chieftain Editorial Board