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The Pueblo Chieftain: As the district turns

Author: The Pueblo Chieftain Editorial Board - November 8, 2017 - Updated: November 8, 2017

The Pueblo Riverwalk along the banks of the Arkansas River. (Matt Inden/Miles,

Like a daytime soap opera, it seems like the drama never ends when it comes to Pueblo City Schools (D60) and the school district’s financial situation.

After failing to reach agreement during two days of mediation over salary increases for teachers, the Pueblo Education Association and the district’s administration will be presenting their cases to a fact finder. This may sound familiar since just a few weeks ago, the D60 board of education approved a fact finder’s recommendation to adopt a separate proposal for retroactive cost-of-living raises and an increase in health insurance cost coverage for the teachers.

News that the teacher’s union and administration will be heading back through the fact-finding process comes just days after preliminary projections showed that D60’s enrollment has decreased this year, which will likely translate into less money coming from the state.

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The Pueblo Chieftain Editorial Board