Denver Council debating moratorium on popular architectural design for developers

Author: Ramsey Scott - July 26, 2016 - Updated: July 26, 2016

Whether or not a specific form of architectural design will continue to be allowed or banned by the City of Denver is currently a topic of debate between council members. The Council's willingness to put a moratorium in place on developers using a "garden court" form design in their projects seems to hinge on whether or not current projects will first be allowed to move forward. The garden court form orients the front doors of units in a development to a central court area rather than to the front of the street. The city’s allowance of the design has come under fire as developers have used it to build in more established neighborhoods, which critics argue goes against the original intent of the code change in 2010. Instead of familiar street views in established neighborhoods, critics say the design form is being used to drastically alter the look and feel of neighborhoods for the worse.

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Ramsey Scott

Ramsey Scott

Ramsey Scott is a Legislative Reporter and Producer for The Colorado Statesman.