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Progressive Aurora? Political group pushing Democrats for city council

Author: Adam McCoy - August 16, 2017 - Updated: August 16, 2017

The Aurora City Council. (

Progressives are eyeing the seats of power at Aurora City Hall.

Colorado People’s Action — a progressive group, according to its website, centered on the climate, economic, immigrant and racial justice — have put their political weight behind four candidates for Aurora City Council, according to the Aurora Sentinel.

The group, which has offices in Denver and Aurora, recently endorsed four of 26 candidates vying for public office, promising to canvass neighborhoods in an effort to increase turnout.

The Sentinel’s Kara Mason rounded up the group’s endorsements — and took note of some on-the-job training its picks have been receiving:

In Ward I, the organization endorsed Crystal Murillo over incumbent Sally Mounier. In Ward II, where there are a total of seven candidates, CPA endorsed Nicole Johnston. Of the five candidates in Ward III, CPA endorsed political newcomer Martha Lugo. All three candidates — Murillo, Hiltz and Johnston — have been coached by Emerge Colorado, a six month program that trains Democratic women how to run an election campaign.

The group only endorsed one at-large candidate, Allison Hiltz, even though there are two at-large seats up for election.

Though the seats on the City Council are non-partisan, Aurora City Council is known for its conservative leanings. A Westword report in 2015 detailed Aurora as among the 10 most conservative cities in the country.

Though the candidates likely have an uphill battle, that’s not to say the red Aurora City Council won’t have a hint of blue come fall. New progressive political group Together for Colorado Springs had success pushing progressive candidates for local office last spring in that conservative stronghold.

Adam McCoy

Adam McCoy

Adam McCoy covers Denver-area politics for Colorado Politics.