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Peak Politics doubts justice is blind for state Supreme Court prospect

Author: Dan Njegomir - December 12, 2017 - Updated: December 12, 2017


It’s an interesting question: If a judge really is supposed to read the law dispassionately, does that leave any room on the state’s highest court for a justice whose apparent credo is, “We must take sides; neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim”?

Conservative blog Colorado Peak Politics, none too happy with the tilt of the Colorado Supreme Court to begin with, notes that the quotation, from the late Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel, is featured in the banner on Melissa Hart’s Facebook profile. Hart, a University of Colorado Law School prof who was touted in 2015 as a prospect for an opening on the top court at that time, has made the short list again, this time to replace Allison Eid (who moved up to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in the federal judiciary).

Opines Peak:

We must take sides? Must we? As a judge? Really? If liberals want an activist judge, it would appear that they’ve found one, but it’s so awkward to be so blatant about it.

Dan Njegomir

Dan Njegomir

Dan Njegomir is the opinion editor for Colorado Politics. A longtime journalist and more-than-25-year veteran of the Colorado political scene, Njegomir has been an award-winning newspaper reporter, an editorial page editor, a senior legislative staffer at the State Capitol and a political consultant.