201 new Colo. laws and rules take effect

Author: Joey Bunch - August 9, 2018 - Updated: August 23, 2018

Gov. John Hickenlooper get some encouragement from his friends as he signs Senate Bill 96 in March to banish the R-word from Colorado’s laws and policies in a bill, which took effect Wednesday. (Photo by Joey Bunch, Colorado Politics)

The biggest batch of new laws from the last legislative session hit the Colorado books Wednesday. The 201 new rules and regulations took effect 90 days after the end of the 120-day General Assembly.

The laws run the gamut from marijuana and hemp to rural economic development and deregulation of taxis, as well as removing the word pauper for poor people and the R-word for those with developmental disabilities in state laws and agencies’ policies.

Senate Bill 143 will send an infusion of cash into the Colorado Parks and Wildlife by raising fees on hunters and anglers. The fees are expected to raise $19.4 million a year for an industry that outdoors groups say delivers $5 billion a year to Colorado’s economy. A full list of increases is available by clicking here.

Wednesday, Rep. Terri Carver, R-Colorado Springs, was touting her bill that will put more than $800,000 into a comprehensive crisis and suicide prevention training program for schools.

She co-sponsored Senate Bill 272 with Rep. Barbara McLachlan, D-Durango, and Sens. Nancy Todd, D-Aurora, and Beth Martinez-Humenik, R-Thornton. The Crisis and Suicide Prevention Training Grant Program will be maintained by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, which also is authorized to seek gifts, other grants and donations. The law, however, limits administrative spending to 3 percent.

“Colorado has one of the highest suicide rates in the nation and we must act now to address this emergency,” Carver said in a statement. “Teachers and school administrators often see a different side of youth than friends or parents, and with greater training and awareness, may be able to help troubled students get adequate mental health treatment before suicide takes more young lives in Colorado.”

Rep. Lois Landgraf, R-Colorado Springs, was happy to see her bill to allow a retired veteran younger than 55 years old get a tax break on a piece of their military retirement benefits.

“There are nearly 30 states that offer tax incentives to encourage retiring veterans to move to their state, and with as much military presence as there is in Colorado, I am very pleased that we have finally joined that list,” stated Landgraf, the founder the legislature’s Veterans Caucus.

“Retired veterans often pursue new careers, purchase homes and cars, and are esteemed members of their communities. Yet when every dollar matters, tax incentives go a long way to attract retiring vets to a particular state – more can be done, but finally, Colorado is among those states prioritizing retired veterans.”

House Bill 1060 will allow veterans to deduct:

  • $4,500 in tax year 2019.
  • $7,500 in tax year 2020.
  • $10,000 in tax year 2021.
  • $15,000 in tax years 2022-2023.

House Democrats released a statement touting the bills its members thought were the most the most important. Here is the caucus’ release:

Helping Hardworking Families

One of the top priorities for House Democrats this session was to help hardworking families dealing with the high cost of child care. Speaker Crisanta Duran, D-Denver, and Rep. Faith Winter, D-Westminster, spearheaded a new law, HB18-1208, to expand child care tax credits for Colorado families.

“Our goal with this bill was to help hardworking families dealing with the high cost of child care,” said Speaker Duran. “We must do more to incentivize hard work so Coloradans can afford to provide for their families.”

“Hardworking families are struggling to earn a good life and with childcare affordability,” said Rep. Winter. “I often hear from parents who are concerned about the how the rising cost will impact their child’s future and safety.”

Another child care-related law that went into effect today was HB18-1004, sponsored by Rep. James Coleman, D-Denver, which extends a tax credit for donations to child care facilities to help increase the availability of quality child care providers in Colorado.

Nearly one in nine Coloradans with young children report they or a family member had to quit a job, not take a job, or change their job because of the difficulties surrounding child care, according to a 2016 state report from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

college bill
Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signs House Bill 1052 to support community college education, which took effect Wednesday, as its sponsors — Sen. Nancy Todd, D-Aurora; Rep. Jeff Bridges, D-Greenwood Village; with Rep. Paul Lundeen, R-Monument — look on. (Photo courtesy of Rep. Paul Lundeen)

Improving K-12 and Higher Education

Rep. Brittany Pettersen, D-Lakewood, serves as chair of the House Education Committee and is the sponsor of a new law, HB18-1004, that will improve notifications to parents and guardians of their students’ opportunities for concurrent enrollment – courses that can be taken in high school that also earn college credit.

“This bill will give our students a running start and help them graduate from college with less debt,” said Rep. Pettersen. “I encourage Colorado’s students and parents to take advantage of this new opportunity.”

Another new education-related law sponsored Rep. Bridges, D-Greenwood Village, is now in place. HB18-1226 requires the department of higher education to prepare an annual return on investment report of undergraduate degree programs and certificate programs offered at each institution of higher education. Rep. Bridges is a member of the Education Committee and has fought to pass bills to bolster school safety, invest in students and help teachers.

Helping Our Veterans

Rep. Jessie Danielson is the sponsor of a new law to give a tax break to thousands of military veterans in Colorado. HB18-1060 phases in a Colorado tax deduction of up to $10,000 for veterans under the age of 55 whose military retirement benefits are less than $40,000 a year.

“This tax break for military retirees honors veterans’ service and goes a long way toward making Colorado the most veteran-friendly state in the country,” Rep. Danielson said when the bill was signed into law this May.

Rep. Tony Exum Sr., D-Colorado Springs, sponsored a new law, HB18-1078, to require that active duty military members and veterans appearing in court as defendants be advised of the availability of substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment programs.

“Veterans dealing with addiction and mental health issues need treatment – not jail time. This bill will help connect those who have served our country with the services they need,” Rep. Exum said.

Fighting for Rural Colorado

Rep. Barbara McLachlan, D-Durango, showed herself to be a force for rural Colorado at the state capitol again this year. Rep. McLachlan’s bills to expand rural broadband HB18-1099, help address the rural teacher shortage SB18-042, and promote the next generation of Colorado farmers and ranchers SB18-085 take effect (Wednesday).

“Improving access to broadband, investing in teachers and students and building our future agricultural workforce are critical for our rural communities to be able to grow and thrive in today’s economy,” Rep. McLachlan said.

Also in effect today is the major broadband investment bill SB18-002, sponsored by Speaker Duran and Majority Leader KC Becker, D-Boulder, which will send millions of dollars in broadband deployment grants to unserved parts of the state.

Improving Access to Mental Health Services & Helping Seniors

Mental health advocate Rep. Michaelson Jenet, D-Commerce City, celebrated the enactment of her bill to create an ombuds office to connect Coloradans to mental health resources and assist people who feel they have nowhere to turn when they are denied or put on waiting lists. HB18-1357 will also require insurers to document and disclose their efforts to comply with mental health parity and network adequacy laws.

Rep. Michaelson Jenet was recently honored by two leading mental health advocacy groups for her efforts to expand access to care and treatment for Coloradans.

Rep. Matt Gray, D-Broomfield, sponsored a bill to help senior and disabled Coloradans by creating a tax credit to help these individuals with the cost of home modifications that allow them to stay in their homes. The bipartisan HB18-1267 was signed by Governor Hickenlooper in May.

hunting and fishing
Sportsmen’s groups served hot dogs at the Colorado Capitol in April, soon after the House approved a bill that would hike hunting and fishing licenses and fees. (Photo by Joey Bunch/Colorado Politics)

Helping Fight Wildfires & Prepare for Natural Disasters

Amidst the frequent and ferocious wildfires that have been raging across our state, a new concern has arisen over drone interference with law enforcement and safety operations such as aerial firefighting. Rep. Joann Ginal, D-Fort Collins, sponsored a new law, HB18-1314, which makes it a crime to operate a drone during a response to a wildfire or emergency.

Another new law going into effect today to help prepare for natural disasters is HB18-1394, sponsored by Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Longmont. The bill creates a policy group to help coordinate the state’s response in the immediate aftermath of a disaster and continues the Colorado Resiliency Office, which helps direct long-term rebuilding efforts and community recovery.

Lawmakers passed 432 rules and regulations before they adjourned on May 9. Gov. John Hickenlooper vetoed nine.

Here is a list of all 201 bills. For a link to each bill, click here.

House Bill 1031 – Employer Entry FPPA Fire And Police Pension Association Defined Benefit System
Senate Bill 19 – Expanded Duration For Colorado Water Resources And Power Development Authority Revolving Loans
Senate Bill 41 – Authorize Water Use Incidental Sand And Gravel Mines
House Bill 1079 – Recommend Use Of State’s Long-term Works Reserve
Senate Bill 54 – Cap Fee Increases Assisted Living Residences
House Bill 1144 – Update Publishing Requirement DOR Department Of Revenue Taxes Paid Table
Senate Bill 124 – Imported Alcohol Beverages Waiting Period
House Bill 1048 – Fort Lewis College Spending Hesperus Account
House Bill 1105 – Motor And Powersports Vehicle License Requirement
House Bill 1039 – Change Date Of Regular Special District Elections
Senate Bill 94 – Behavioral Health Definition Sections
House Bill 1087 – Colorado Department Of Public Safety Authority To Repeal Rules
House Bill 1096 – Special Event Permit Alcohol Beverages
Senate Bill 91 – Modernize Behavioral Health Terminology
Senate Bill 100 – Motor Vehicle Rental Charges Disclosures
Senate Bill 164 – Outdated Department Human Services Reports
Senate Bill 92 – Update References County Departments Social Services
House Bill 1140 – Public Official Personal Surety Bonds
Senate Bill 96 – Modernize “Mental Retardation” Terminology
Senate Bill 9 – Allow Electric Utility Customers Install Energy Storage Equipment
Senate Bill 46 – Special License Plate Nonprofit Donation
House Bill 1095 – Educator License Requirements Military Spouses
House Bill 1052 – Exception To 2-year Higher Education Service Areas
Senate Bill 101 – Colorado State University Global Campus Student Admission Criteria
Senate Bill 20 – Registered Psychotherapists Auricular Acudetox
Senate Bill 5 – Rural Economic Advancement Of Colorado Towns
House Bill 1005 – Notice To Students Of Postsecondary Courses
House Bill 1141 – Modernize Early Childhood Council Language
Senate Bill 10 – Residential Lease Copy And Rent Receipt
Senate Bill 93 – Repeal Obsolete Medicaid Waiver Persons With AIDS
House Bill 1130 – School District-authorized Instructors
Senate Bill 102 – Odometer Reading Physical Vehicle Identification Number Verification
House Bill 1032 – Access Medical Records State Emergency Medical Services Patient Care Database
House Bill 1073 – Water District Ability Contract Water Assets
House Bill 1142 – Remove Term “Pauper” From Colorado Revised Statutes
Senate Bill 69 – Enforcement Statewide Degree Transfer Agreements
House Bill 1117 – Self-service Storage Facility Personal Property Liens
House Bill 1139 – Reporting Requirements For Park Fees Set By Rule
Senate Bill 90 – Terminology Referencing “Rights Of Married Women”
Senate Bill 121 – State Employee Moving And Relocation Expenses
House Bill 1103 – Local Government Off-highway Vehicle Regulation
Senate Bill 73 – Report Transfer Ownership Motor Vehicle
House Bill 1137 – Reporting Requirements Department Of Transportation And Department Of Public Safety To General Assembly
Senate Bill 111 – Remove Obsolete Date From State Legal Holiday Law
House Bill 1138 – Public Official Oaths And Affirmations
Senate Bill 2 – Financing Rural Broadband Deployment
Senate Bill 99 – Align Early Childhood Quality Improvement Programs
Senate Bill 134 – Public Utilities Commission Deregulate Nonprofit Water Utilities
House Bill 1099 – Broadband Deployment Level Playing Field
Senate Bill 104 – Federal Funds For Rural Broadband Deployment
Senate Bill 138 – Transfer Alcohol From Surrendered License
Senate Bill 135 – Update Colorado Code Of Military Justice
Senate Bill 95 – Outdated References To “Illegitimate” Children
Senate Bill 160 – Charter School Induction And Alternative Licensure Program
Senate Bill 74 – Designate Prader-Willi Syndrome Developmental Disability
Senate Bill 98 – Unconstitutional Language Interest On Damages
Senate Bill 131 – State Employees Group Benefits Act Modifications
Senate Bill 165 – Requirements For Public Administrators And Deputies
Senate Bill 173 – Removal Of Vinous Liquor From Licensed Premises
Senate Bill 107 – Repeal Nomination Vacancy Filling In municipal Elections
House Bill 1228 – Transparency In Military Higher Education Statutes
House Bill 1246 – Modernization Of The Nursery Act
House Bill 1199 – Aquifer Storage-and-recovery Plans
House Bill 1134 – Use Of Colorado Preschool Program Positions
House Bill 1145 – Enjoined Laws On Ballot Issue Petition Circulators
House Bill 1056 – FPPA Fire And Police Pension Association Statewide Standard Health History Form
House Bill 1018 – Human Trafficking Commercial Driver’s License
Senate Bill 136 – Health Insurance Producer Fees And Fee Disclosure
Senate Bill 11 – Students Excused From Taking State Assessments
Senate Bill 79 – Sake Vinous Liquor Colorado Liquor Code
Senate Bill 87 – In-state Tuition Foreign Nationals Settled In Colorado
Senate Bill 106 – Local Government Pledging Sales & Use Tax Capital Improvement
Senate Bill 162 – Substitute Placement Agency Licensure
Senate Bill 170 – Reservoir Releases For Fish And Wildlife Mitigation
Senate Bill 110 – Repeal State Agency Reports Of Federal Money Received
Senate Bill 127 – Repeal Publishing Requirement DOR Department Of Revenue Income Tax Rate Modifications
Senate Bill 129 – Reorganize Drugs & Medical Devices Sales Tax Exemption
Senate Bill 176 – Board Meeting Dates Southwestern Water Conservation District
Senate Bill 184 – Permit Short-term Extraction Construction Material
House Bill 1017 – Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact
House Bill 1078 – Court Programs For Veterans
House Bill 1154 – Protect Consumer Solicit Public Record Copy For Fee
House Bill 1008 – Mussel-free Colorado Act
House Bill 1254 – Public Trustee Deed Of Trust Foreclosure Sales
Senate Bill 151 – Colorado Department of Education Bullying Policies Research
House Bill 1242 – Change Salary Categorizations For Certain Counties
House Bill 1065 – DHS Department of Human Services Employee Discipline Harm To Vulnerable Persons
Senate Bill 26 – Make Sex Offender Registration More Effective
Senate Bill 149 – Records Of Denver Health And Hospital Authority
House Bill 1198 – Best Practices For State Boards And Commissions
Senate Bill 55 – Increase Surcharge For Trafficking Children
Senate Bill 188 – Agricultural Marketing Act Notices And Inclusion Of Millet
House Bill 1191 – Local Government Alter Speed Limits
House Bill 1282 – Health Care Provider Unique Identification Per Site Or Service
House Bill 1237 – Sunset Continue Cost-benefit Analysis For Rules
House Bill 1147 – Sunset Process Weather Modification
House Bill 1275 – Repeal Craig Hospital License Plate Donation
House Bill 1093 – Reclaimed Water Use For Edible Crops
Senate Bill 66 – Extend Operation Of State Lottery Division
House Bill 1069 – Reclaimed Water Use For Toilet Flushing
House Bill 1259 – Marijuana Sample For Quality Product Development
House Bill 1284 – Disclosure Of Prescription Costs At Pharmacies
House Bill 1324 – Codify Governor’s Commission On Community Service
House Bill 1334 – Extend Transitional Jobs Program
Senate Bill 132 – State Waiver Catastrophic Health Plans
House Bill 1250 – Analysis To Improve Compliance With Rules By Businesses.
Senate Bill 177 – Private School And Private Occupational School Bonds
House Bill 1257 – Correction To HB16-1316 Reinsert “Not”
House Bill 1040 – Inmate Treatment Incentive Plans
Senate Bill 178 – Similar Coverage Independent Commercial Vehicles
Senate Bill 143 – Parks And Wildlife Measures To Increase Revenue
House Bill 1240 – Sunset Auto Theft Prevention Authority And Board
House Bill 1305 – Income Tax Check-off Young Americans Financial Education
House Bill 1307 – Limit Access To Products With Dextromethorphan
Senate Bill 145 – Implement Employment First Recommendations
House Bill 1255 – Childhood Cancer Awareness Special License Plate
House Bill 1208 – Expand Child Care Expenses Income Tax Credit
Senate Bill 42 – Concerning the creation of the agricultural workforce development program.
Senate Bill 229 – Colorado Department of Education Student Teacher Criminal History Record Checks
Senate Bill 85 – Financial Incentives For Education In Rural Areas
House Bill 1394 – Update Colorado Disaster Emergency Act
House Bill 1434 – Safe2tell Program New Duties And Annual Report
House Bill 1315 – Manufactured Home Sales Tax Exemption
House Bill 1396 – Advanced Placement Exam Fee Grant Program
House Bill 1226 – Higher Education Review Degree Program Costs And Outcomes
House Bill 1374 – Controlled Maintenance Financed Acquired Prop
House Bill 1385 – Domestic Relations Changes Due To Federal Tax Law
House Bill 1357 – Behavioral Health Care Ombudsperson Parity Reports
House Bill 1369 – Obsolete References Proposition AA Refund Account
House Bill 1356 – Add Cross Reference to Failure To Register Crime
Senate Bill 167 – Enforce Requirements 811 Locate Underground Facilities
House Bill 1366 – Allow Local College District To Sell Or Lease Property
Senate Bill 205 – Industrial Hemp Designation Agricultural Product
House Bill 1309 – Programs Addressing Educator Shortages
House Bill 1283 – Classify Residential Land Change In Improvements
House Bill 1060 – Income Tax Deduction For Military Retirement Benefits
House Bill 1251 – Community Corrections Transition Placements
House Bill 1252 – Unlawful Sale Of Academic Assignments
House Bill 1300 – Bachelor Nursing Completion Degree Local District College
House Bill 1372 – Exempt Fund From Capital Construction Funding Mechanism
House Bill 1388 – Exempt Reqmnt Register Security If Notice Filing
House Bill 1152 – Judicial Administrative And Budget Records Subject to Colorado Open Records Act
House Bill 1174 – Sunset Continue Board Of Mortgage Loan Originators
House Bill 1277 – BEST Building Excellent Schools Today Financial Assistance Grant Application Requirements
Senate Bill 31 – Title 12 Recodification Study One-year Extension
Senate Bill 210 – Amend Regulation Of Appraisal Management Companies
House Bill 1217 – Income Tax Credit For Employer 529 Contributions
Senate Bill 141 – Income Tax Check-off Nonprofit Donation Fund
Senate Bill 208 – Create Governor’s Mansion Maintenance Fund
Senate Bill 119 – False Imprisonment Of A Minor
Senate Bill 209 – Modifications To Government Data Advisory Board
Senate Bill 213 – Transfer Academic Credits For Division Of Youth Services Youths
Senate Bill 235 – Colorado Industrial Hemp Research And Development Authority
House Bill 1108 – Commission Deaf Hard Of Hearing Deafblind
House Bill 1135 – Extend Advanced Industry Export Acceleration Program
Senate Bill 12 – Military Enlistment School Performance Indicator
House Bill 1019 – Kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade Accreditation Weighted Factors
Senate Bill 239 – Animal Chiropractic Education And Reporting Requirements
House Bill 1202 – Income Tax Credit Leave Of Absence Organ Donation
House Bill 1362 – Drunk And Impaired Driving Task Force Membership
House Bill 1371 – Capital Construction Budget Items
House Bill 1431 – Statewide Managed Care System
House Bill 1351 – Signage For Old Spanish National Historic Trail
House Bill 1004 – Continue Child Care Contribution Tax Credit
Senate Bill 62 – Snow Removal Service Liability Limitation
Senate Bill 234 – Human Remains Disposition Sale Businesses
Senate Bill 272 – Crisis And Suicide Prevention Training Grant Program
Senate Bill 232 – Calculation For Art In Public Places Requirement
House Bill 1236 – Sunset Food Systems Advisory Council
House Bill 1295 – Hemp Products Deemed Not Adulterated Or Misbranded
House Bill 1361 – Eligibility For Veteran Vietnam War License Plate
House Bill 1267 – Income Tax Credit For Retrofitting Home For Health
House Bill 1398 – Statute Of Limitations Domestic Violence Torts
Senate Bill 203 – Conflict-free Representation In Municipal Courts
Senate Bill 242 – Public Official Oath Of Office
House Bill 1430 – State Agency Long-range Financial Plan
Senate Bill 276 – Increase General Fund Reserve
House Bill 1244 – Honor The Service Of Submarine Veterans
House Bill 1270 – PUC Evaluation Of Energy Storage Systems
House Bill 1320 – Deregulation Of Large-market Taxicab Service
House Bill 1306 – Improving Educational Stability For Foster Youth
House Bill 1187 – Food And Drug Administration Cannabidiol Drug Use
House Bill 1185 – Market Sourcing For Business Income Tax Apportionment
Senate Bill 206 – Research Institutions Affordability For Residents
House Bill 1266 – Career Development Success Program Expansion
House Bill 1042 – Private Interstate Commercial Vehicle Registration
House Bill 1156 – Limit Penalties For Juvenile Truancy
House Bill 1200 – Cybercrime Changes
House Bill 1302 – Toxicology Lab Certification Waiver CDPHE
House Bill 1303 Youth Sports Coach Exempt Employment Security Act
House Bill 1313 – Pharmacists To Serve As Practitioners
House Bill 1314 – Drone Interference With Public Safety Operations
House Bill 1350 – Machine Tool Sales Tax Exemption For Scrap Metal
House Bill 1373 – Private Entities Use State Telecommunications Network
House Bill 1402 – State Treasurer Investment Authority
House Bill 1422 – Marijuana Testing Facilities Standards
House Bill 1437 – Costs Of College-level Courses In Corrections
Senate Bill 38 – Reclaimed Water Use On Industrial Hemp
Senate Bill 245 – Allow Natural Occurring Radioactive Material Rules
Senate Bill 255 – Electronic Documents And Signatures Vehicle Titles
Senate Bill 267 – Create Justice Center Maintenance Fund

Joey Bunch

Joey Bunch

Joey Bunch is the senior political correspondent for Colorado Politics. He has a 31-year career in journalism, including the last 15 in Colorado. He was part of the Denver Post team that won the Pulitzer Prize in 2013 and is a two-time Pulitzer finalist. His resume includes covering high school sports, the environment, the casino industry and civil rights in the South, as well as a short stint at CNN.