New highway bill already has one influential critic: Denver chamber

This just came over the transom from the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce:

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce announced its position on one bill working its way through the Colorado General Assembly. 

The Chamber opposes:

The chamber is of course a key barometer of the state’s business community — which badly wants better roads — as well a stakeholder in efforts throughout the 2017 legislative session to forge a compromise transportation-spending plan.

The latest iteration of such a plan, the GOP-authored Senate Bill 303, debuted in a Senate committee last night, as reported by’s Joey Bunch. Unlike its predecessor — House Bill 1242, which fizzled for lack of Republican support — this version contains no tax hike. Republicans think it will fare better with the public, which still would have to vote on the new measure’s bonding provisions even without new taxes.

Perhaps in the chamber’s eyes, however, the lack of a tax hike means the proposal will be less politically acceptable to legislative Democrats, or less sustainable as a funding source for transportation.

In any event, the chamber isn’t pleased.

The clock is ticking; the session ends in a week.

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