Monson: ‘The one finger salute’ and why women should vote for Trump

Author: Kim Monson - September 23, 2016 - Updated: September 22, 2016

Kim Monson
Kim Monson

“The one finger salute. I get a few of those,” said a guy at the gas station as I asked him about his “Trump, Pence” bumper sticker.

Mean actions and mean words are not unique to Hillary, NeverTrump, Johnson, Stein or Trump supporters. Each has individuals in their camps who have very bad manners. And they are not unique to politics in 2016. Larry Tagg notes in his piece, “Evidence for the Unpopular Mr. Lincoln” that Lincoln was called, “a braying ass, wishy-washy, namby-pamby, imbecile, disgusting & a facetious pettifogger.” Ouch!

I read with great interest, Krista Kafer’s recent commentary in The Denver Post referencing Michelle Cottle’s The Atlantic piece about sexist vitriol. Both Kafer & Cottle’s articles are rife with all of the old, dusted off, sexist, man-hating words that the feminist movement has been teaching our young girls for the last generation. Many of today’s daughters are realizing that the feminist mantra of “all for one and one for all” is poppycock. A very successful millennial woman recently shared, “Women can be much meaner, say more hurtful things and stand in the way of other women’s success more than men ever have.” Just because someone wears a skirt (pantsuit) does not mean they have our best interests in mind.

Words can hurt. I know. It’s part of life. However, there is real danger in teaching our daughters to identify as a group and that they are victims of another group. Group think, group identity and group victimhood only serves politicians, pundits and bureaucrats with an agenda of power and control over our lives.

Throughout my life, both men and women have supported and cheered my successes. And both men and women have said mean things about me. I’ve never thought it’s because I’m a woman, I figured it’s because they either disagree with me or they’re jerks. Could be both.

As we talk with women, we’re finding the top three issues on their hearts today are safety, the economy and divisiveness in America. They’re concerned about terrorist attacks and protecting their families from bad actors or actresses. They’re concerned about shrinking buying power, higher taxes and less opportunity. And it breaks their hearts to see young people, with no hope, riot and burn their communities.

As an American woman, I am voting for Donald Trump. While he’s not a perfect guy (I’m not a perfect gal), he is a New Yorker and New Yorkers say what’s on their minds. Fuggedaboutit.

Trump cares deeply about America and Americans. He realizes that people coming to America to hurt us or for free stuff need to stay where they are or go back to their country of origin. Once these issues are settled, we’ll then tackle the question of people who have fled societies with big, centralized, controlling governments in search of the American Dream. No fast track to citizenship and no jumping the line in front of those playing by the rules.

Trump is a guy who builds things and, Lord knows, we could really use a leader who knows how to build things. Politicians and bureaucrats do not create jobs. They use power to pick winners and losers. Individual businesses, big and small, create jobs. One of the most compassionate and charitable acts from one human to another is to give them a job. Government dependence erodes individual dignity and choice.

And Trump is exuding leadership and building bridges as he is reaching out to the Black communities, Hispanic communities and meeting with Mexico’s president.

I’m disappointed that Krista and Michelle are using old, worn out, sexist, groupthink, victimhood to demonize Donald Trump. Trump’s vision to “Make America Great” for every citizen, regardless of the group they belong to, is a vision I can really identify with.

Kim Monson

Kim Monson is a co-host of "The Americhicks — Molly & Kim" on 560 KLZ AM and 100.7 FM Radio and a former councilwoman for the City of Lone Tree, District 2.