LIVE COVERAGE: Day 6 from the Terry Maketa trial

Authors: Lance Benzel, Terry Terrones, The Gazette, 46284413 - July 6, 2017 - Updated: July 6, 2017


Lance Benzel is providing live updates from the sixth day of the Terry Maketa trial. Check the Twitter feed (at right for desktop users, below on mobile) for latest.

Recap of Tuesday’s testimony:

Ex-El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa wanted to knock a sheriff’s candidate out of the race when he drew attention to a missing disciplinary file, a key witness testified on Wednesday.

“(Maketa) told me that if everything went the way he wanted it to go, then the media and community would see that Bill Elder was crooked and dirty, and it would knock him out of the election,” Lt. Cheryl Peck said.

The so-called Elder file again took center stage at Maketa’s corruption trial, consuming much of the third day of testimony as prosecutors highlighted claims that the term-limited sheriff sought to influence the 2014 election to pick his successor.

Claims involving the missing file led to disciplinary action against two deputies, giving rise to two counts of official misconduct against Maketa, both misdemeanors. A third count of official misconduct stems from a different feud.

The file – said to document misconduct by Elder during a previous stint as a sheriff’s deputy – was discovered missing by Peck from a locked room at the sheriff’s Internal affairs unit in April 2013.

Lance Benzel