Letter: How to participate in elections like an adult

Author: Colorado Politics - November 23, 2016 - Updated: November 19, 2016

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Over the course of my adult life, I have had the privilege to vote in eight presidential elections. In four of those contests, my candidate won, and in four the opposite happened. Sometimes I expected to vote for a winner and was disheartened when the result was contrary and other times I was pleasantly surprised. In all eight elections, I was forced — at some point — to contemplate the consequences of the opposite party winning the White House. In every one of those elections, I could think of at least a handful of areas where I could find common ground and areas where I was optimistic in how the other candidate might perform in office. With hindsight, my hopes were not always correct, but I was at least prepared for what might come.

This election is no different. Like nearly everyone in the country, the results of this recent election shocked me. I did not anticipate a President Trump and spent very little time contemplating what would happen if he won. Now that moment is upon us. There will be areas — possibly many — where he will be highly effective and better than his opponent. Spend some time thinking about what areas you have common cause and let the rest go. Time will tell how his administration governs. It may be great; it may be a disaster. But we at least owe his team a chance to perform.

This is part of life and part of the great game of politics. Sometimes your team wins and sometimes they lose. The sun still comes up in the morning and in just a few years, your team gets another chance. The pendulum can swing quickly if you’re ready for it.

Matthew Drosendahl
Colorado Springs, CO

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