Kyle Clark for Colorado governor: Why not?

Author: Roger Hudson - January 10, 2018 - Updated: January 10, 2018

Roger Hudson

I must admit, I’ve been stunned by the nonstop Democratic hysteria surrounding a possible — though incredibly improbable — presidential run by Oprah Winfrey in 2020. Yes, I realize she’s much beloved, has a heart of gold and is arguably the most recognizable face on the planet, but as far as I know, she hasn’t even run for high school class president.

Apparently, in the current political universe defined by the cult of personality, Nielsen Ratings have more value than actual skill, knowledge or experience. I ask the Oprah fans among us — and you know who you are — would you ask the media mogul to work on your car despite the fact she’s never popped a hood? Would you eagerly go under the knife and allow Oprah to perform heart surgery?

Yet, the idea that a talk show host could be transformed into a world leader as easily as a Cup-O-Noodles can be turned into lunch – now, that makes perfect sense to Oprah fans.

This newly energized “O” base that grew up singing along with Oprah’s theme song really believes she IS “Every Woman,” and they imagine her with superhero-type powers. For instance, as actress Reese Witherspoon noted during her Golden Globes introduction of Winfrey, “Oprah’s hugs can end wars.”

Someone should let Kim Jong-un know he’s due for a hug.

So, I’ll bite. 9News anchor Kyle Clark is arguably one of the more popular television personalities in Colorado. He might tell us he’s THE most popular, but that’s a different debate for a different day. Kyle does have a high-profile spot on local television, a growing social media following, strong understanding of Colorado politics and TV good looks straight from Central Casting.

One might argue Kyle could be 5280’s very own Oprah-like politician — it could happen. And with a decade or so of TV time behind him, you might also say he’s ready to move to prime time and to become our state’s next top executive. Just as quickly as an Oprah voter could turn that same Cup-O-Noodles into a fast Colorado meal.

I’m only sort of joking here. In some respects, because of his coverage of Colorado and of Colorado politics, Kyle Clark is more qualified to be Colorado governor than Oprah Winfrey is to be United States president. His hugs may not end wars and animated Disney birds may not help him dress each morning, but at least Clark understands how politics works.

My point is, experience matters. Whether you’re a car mechanic, heart surgeon, television personality or the most powerful person on the planet. Spending your life learning your craft matters. Educating yourself to do a job well matters. And possibly the most significant: having elected officials who understand real public service isn’t a photo op — matters.

Roger Hudson

Roger Hudson

As a Republican political consultant, Roger currently owns and operates The Hudson Firm. He has worked as a journalist and news director for more than 20 years. He has also served as spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Corrections, the attorney general of Colorado and the Colorado Republican Party.