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Greeley Tribune: Groundwater issue needs a solution for our Gilcrest farmers

Author: The Greeley Tribune Editorial Board - January 13, 2018 - Updated: January 13, 2018

There was always one thing that was true about Weld County: It was safe to farm here.

Greeley, the county seat, didn’t necessarily enjoy its reputation as a cow town or the mean-spirited “jokes” from our neighbors about the odors caused by the agricultural operations that surrounded it. But Greeley also defended the agricultural operations with pride. We were the county that put food on the table.

Yet you have to wonder lately about that designation, given the woes of farmers in the Gilcrest area.

Thanks to a prolonged battle with senior water rights holders, farmers can’t pump wells like they used to. That’s created two problems, and both of them are bad for farmers.



The Greeley Tribune Editorial Board