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The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel: No qualms over hire

Author: The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel Editorial Board - February 2, 2018 - Updated: February 2, 2018

If the Grand Valley understands one thing, it’s that local governing boards can be just as fractious as Congress itself, even if partisanship rarely factors into their disputes.

We’re referring to well-publicized controversies surrounding the Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority and the Grand Valley Drainage District.

The airport, with turnover to its board, has managed to put most of its chaos in the rearview mirror. But the drainage district is still in the midst of a legal challenge to a fee structure it authorized in 2015 to deal with stormwater runoff. Mesa County and the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce sued the district over the charges, which both entities claim is a tax in need of voter approval. Mesa County District Judge Lance Timbreza presided over a bench trial last June, but still has yet to rule on whether the fee passes constitutional muster.

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The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel Editorial Board