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The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel: Girls deserve a shot at Eagle Scout rank

Author: The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel Editorial Board - October 14, 2017 - Updated: October 14, 2017

Young Girl Scouts carry flags in the 2016 Sacramento, Calif., Veterans Day Parade. (casch, istockphoto)

We’re not bothered by the idea of girls joining the Boy Scouts. In recent years, the organization has agreed to accept openly gay youth members and adults, as well as transgender boys. Adding girls to the mix seems a natural extension of an ongoing debate about equity and equality within the organization.

For some, the Boy Scouts of America is abandoning a century of tradition. We see it a little differently. Under a new plan announced Wednesday, girls will be able to attain the coveted Eagle Scout rank. That alone should provide context as to why this is more than a surrender to the forces of political correctness.

The Boy Scouts of America should be proud that they’ve developed a program that positions young men for success. Eagle Scouts have gone on to become astronauts, Olympians, presidents and titans of industry. Giving girls the same opportunity to get a leg up on the world is reason enough to embrace a paradigm shift.

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The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel Editorial Board