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The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel editorial: Turn to opportunity

Author: The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel - May 18, 2017 - Updated: May 18, 2017

Quibbling about the series of events that led to the unfinished building at 800 Eagle Drive won’t solve the problem of what to do with it.

However it came to be, it’s a lemon. The Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority is trying to figure out how to turn it into lemonade.

A contingent of general aviation tenants at the airport would have the public believe that the half-built structure just east of the existing terminal is exhibit A in a scheme to defraud the Federal Aviation Administration.

But because of the way the airport board reacted to a federal search warrant — by ceasing work on the building amid its own investigation and rescinding a grant that would have covered construction costs — there are no clear answers. There’s just a skeleton of a building — an eyesore that the current board is tired of looking at.

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