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The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel editorial: Trump budget mirrors disastrous Kansas plan

Author: The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel - May 31, 2017 - Updated: May 31, 2017

Policy makers, government officials and journalists from Kansas are going out of their way to point at the state’s fiscal crisis as an example of what awaits the rest of the country if President Trump’s proposed budget is adopted by Congress.

While that’s unlikely — Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., called Trump’s budget “dead on arrival” when it was released as an outline earlier this month — it’s worth contemplating why the Trump administration would promote a tax and spending plan similar to the one that has left Kansas in a shambles.

What they have in common is Arthur Laffer, the guru of “supply-side economics” since the Reagan era and one of the architects of a tax plan Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback started promoting in 2012 and persuaded the legislature to enact in 2013.

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