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The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel editorial: Make the tradition law

Author: The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel - April 20, 2017 - Updated: April 20, 2017

There are resounding ethical reasons why President Donald Trump should release his tax returns.

If he does, it won’t be because people are marching in the street demanding it. Trump seems impervious to any suggestion that the American people have an interest in how his assets and liabilities affect his policy positions or compromise him in any way — even though polling confirms that a majority of Americans want him to release his returns.

But if he wants to make tax reform legislation one of his crowning achievements, he’s going to have to face reality.

As Richard Painter — an expert on government ethics and a faculty member at the University of Minnesota — recently told PBS NewsHour: “I can’t imagine that Congress would sign off on a bill proposed by the president if he’s not going to disclose how the bill is going to affect him financially. And the only way to do that is release those tax returns.”

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  • Scott Weiser

    April 20, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    Typical of the left-leaning GJ Sentinel to disable comments on its story.

    The problem with a state law requiring a presidential candidate to release his or her tax returns in order to get on the ballot in a state is that it’s flatly unconstitutional and unenforceable. This is because the US Constitution and it alone dictates the requirement to be President, and anyone meeting those qualifications can run for the office and no state can prevent them from doing so by imposing requirements not found in the Constitution.

    If that were possible, then California could bar any candidate who doesn’t swear fealty to Karl Marx and New York could bar any candidate that doesn’t live on Central Park East and Montana could bar any candidate that doesn’t own a gun.

    Here’s the simple fact: No President has ever been under any legal compulsion to reveal their tax records and doing so without the consent of the taxpayer is a federal crime. The sole remedy the public has to resolve a situation where a presidential candidate refuses to release some information the public wants to see is to not vote for that candidate.

    And as we see, those who voted for President Trump didn’t care about his tax returns and he won anyway.


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