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The Fort Collins Coloradoan: 10 things we can do in the wake of #MeToo

Author: The Fort Collins Coloradoan Editorial Board - November 14, 2017 - Updated: November 14, 2017

oil drilling fort collinsAn oil rig near homes in Fort Collins. (David O. Williams, Colorado Politics)

Women across the globe are sharing their #MeToo stories, and as they do, accused celebrities and national leaders are addressing the accusations, with some admitting wrongdoing.

The anecdotes are so widespread that we must recognize it’s also happening right here, in everyday interactions on our two college campuses, in Fort Collins businesses and likely in public schools.

The Coloradoan Editorial Board is made up of six men and two women, and all of us had a few ideas about what we could do as individuals to change the climate in which we live, where our culture has largely accepted some forms of sexual misconduct and swept it under the rug.

The wave of stories being told is overwhelming and brings to light just how widespread the problem is.

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