‘Bergs and batteries’: Fenberg, Lundberg team up on home energy storage battery bill

Author: John Tomasic - January 24, 2017 - Updated: January 24, 2017

State Sen. Kevin Lundberg has lived off the power grid in Berthoud for the last 25 years. He generates and stores his own electricity and right now he is awaiting a shipment from China of nickel-iron home batteries. “These kind of batteries were invented by Thomas Edison,” Lundberg said in an interview last week. “The batteries he invented are still functioning. They last forever, not like the lead-acid batteries we use now, which you have to replace. The problem is, they shut down all production of the nickel-iron batteries in the 1960s — except they're still making them in China.” Lundberg seems to be just warming up into his topic. It’s hard to get it all down.

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John Tomasic

John Tomasic

John Tomasic is a senior political reporter for The Colorado Statesman covering the Colorado Legislature.