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Author: Colorado Politics - May 24, 2018 - Updated: May 24, 2018


Businesses can do well while also doing good

Good Business Colorado members know that it’s just good business to promote a productive workforce and a healthy economic environment – they produce a strong economy and thriving communities. A strong economy is one that allows everyone to succeed, with jobs that provide fair workplaces, livable wages and solid benefits.

While we were disappointed that the paid FAMLI leave bill didn’t pass the Colorado legislature, we are dedicated to making legislators understand that paid leave is good for business because it translates into loyal and productive employees who bring their best to work every day.

We were delighted that legislators reauthorized the Colorado Civil Rights Division and Commission. Not only will the agency continue to reduce frivolous lawsuits by mediating civil rights complaints – saving entrepreneurs costly legal fees – but also protect Colorado’s positive business climate, where customers and employees know they will be treated fairly, and equality will be maintained.

Since we launched in February, we’ve attracted a number of similar-minded businesses who agree it’s possible to “do well while doing good.” We’ve learned a lot in just four months and look forward to advancing policies that will help build a strong economy, thriving communities and a sustainable environment next year.

Debra Brown
Good Business Colorado executive director and MobilizeUs founder
Wheat Ridge


‘Our politicians shouldn’t be better protected than our kids’

Another ten beautiful souls murdered at a high school, this time in Texas.

When are we going to learn the lesson Malcom Gladwell explained to us in The New Yorker and take school security seriously?

Gladwell’s piece best explains the inexplicable: kids are joining the ranks of the Columbine-style killers, much like otherwise rational actors decide to join in a riot or mob because they are modeling the behavior exhibited by others. It’s why mobs and riots both grow until stopped with real action.

And let’s face it, you’re never going to confiscate all weapons in America, so let’s just dispense with that nonsense.

Vastly fewer incidences of violence occur at banks, capitol buildings and airports than at schools and yet all three are not just better protected, they are infinitely better protected.

We need fewer entrances, more guards and better training for teachers and administrators willing to step up.  It’s past time to stop this slow motion “riot” of school violence.

Our politicians shouldn’t be better protected than our kids.

Greg Brophy


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