FEEDBACK: Cheers for education reform; not so much for the prez

Author: Dan Njegomir - November 23, 2017 - Updated: January 31, 2018


Kudos to the reformers on Denver’s school board

I want to thank the Denver Public Schools board of education for its tireless efforts to expand educational opportunity for all Denver children — and I congratulate the board majority for surviving the latest attempt by special interests to derail those efforts.

As in previous school board races, we saw opponents of long-overdue education reforms in this election cycle dig in their heels, don various guises and spread reckless misinformation about charter schools, innovation schools and other groundbreaking advances of the district leadership.

Although a couple of board seats changed hands at least in part because of those unfortunate campaign tactics, I think we can rest assured the board will stay the course on reform. I hope the two new members will develop an appreciation for the reforms and embrace them, as well.

It is important to remember in the aftermath of the election that the need to move forward in public education is not about party politics or partisan affiliation. I spent all of my years in elective office as a Republican while Denver Public Schools board members are all, to my knowledge, Democrats — who serve in what, by the way, is a nonpartisan office. Yet, we all see essentially eye to eye on the need for expanded educational choice and greater accountability.

I hope we can look forward to many more years of smart and dedicated leadership by the Denver Public Schools board and Superintendent Tom Boasberg. It is Denver’s children who will benefit.

Nancy Spence

(Editor’s note: The author previously served as a state senator and representatives in the Colorado General Assembly and was a member of the Cherry Creek Schools board of education.)


President will make out like a bandit this Christmas

Merry Christmas, Donald. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have your list and are checking it twice to ensure Santa brings you everything you’ve asked for in a tax bill: repeal of estate and alternative minimum taxes and tax cuts for “pass-through” entities and corporations.

For the rest of us? Bah humbug. Our Christmas presents include tax increases. Even veterans, students, and teachers will find coal in their stockings.

And, for our kids? A huge increase in the deficit that will ruin holidays long into the future.

So, whether you resign as a result of the Mueller investigation or don’t run in 2020, you can rightly crow that the presidency made you millions and millions of dollars if the Republicans pass a tax bill that includes your Christmas list. Who will be able to argue that you aren’t really, really smart; have a very, very high IQ; and make great, great deals…that benefit only you and wealthy, Republican donors? Happy holidays!

Marilee Menard


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Dan Njegomir

Dan Njegomir

Dan Njegomir is the opinion editor for Colorado Politics. A longtime journalist and more-than-25-year veteran of the Colorado political scene, Njegomir has been an award-winning newspaper reporter, an editorial page editor, a senior legislative staffer at the State Capitol and a political consultant.