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Facts about Colorado’s next governor

Author: Associated Press - June 26, 2018 - Updated: June 26, 2018

Colorado had major-party eight candidates in the 2018 gubernatorial primary.

Colorado voters are choosing from among eight candidates to succeed Gov. John Hickenlooper this fall.

But how well do voters know the people who are running — their birthdates, where they got their degrees, what their families are like?

Here are some key facts about the eight candidates (in alphabetical order).

Mike Johnston


PARTY: Democratic.

AGE: 43 (Born Nov. 17, 1974).

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree, Yale University; Master’s, education, Harvard University; J.D., Yale University Law School.

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: State senator, 2009-2016. Education adviser to Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Former high school principal, Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts. Former school teacher, Teach for America, Mississippi.

FAMILY: Married to wife Courtney. They have three children.

SOCIAL MEDIA: On Twitter, @MikeJohnstonCO, Facebook.com/MikeJohnstonCO and Instagram.com/mikejohnstonco. Website: http://www.mikejohnstonforcolorado.com/


Cary Kennedy


PARTY: Democratic.

AGE: 50 (Born June 20, 1968).

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree, St. Lawrence University; Master’s, public administration, Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs; J.D., University of Denver, Sturm College of Law.

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: State treasurer, 2007-2010.

PROFESSIONAL: Chief financial officer/deputy mayor, city of Denver. Budget analyst, Gov. Bill Romer’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting. Fiscal analyst, Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing.


FAMILY: Married to husband Saurabh Mangalik. They have two children.

SOCIAL MEDIA: On Twitter, @CaryKennedy, Facebook.com/carykennedyforgovernor and Instagram.com/carykennedy4gov. Website: http://www.carykennedyforgovernor.com/


Greg Lopez

HOME TOWN: Elizabeth.

PARTY: Republican.

AGE: 54 (Born June 7, 1964).

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree, New Mexico State University.

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Parker mayor, 1992-1996.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Restaurateur; president, GNL Concepts, business/management consulting firm; director, ACE Scholarship Foundation; president/CEO, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver; director, U.S. Small Business Administration, Colorado district (2008-2014).

MILITARY: U.S. Air Force, 1983-1987.

FAMILY: Married to wife Lisa. They have two children.

SOCIAL MEDIA: On Twitter, @Lopez4Governor, Facebook.com/GregLopezForGovernor and Instagram.com/lopezforgovernor. Website: http://www.greglopez4governor.com


Donna Lynne

HOME TOWN: Denver.

PARTY: Democratic.

AGE: 64 (Born Oct. 27, 1953).

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree, University of New Hampshire; Master’s, public administration, George Washington University; Doctorate, public health, Columbia University.

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Colorado lieutenant governor and chief operating officer, 2016-present.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Former group president, Kaiser Permanente. Former executive vice president, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan. Former chair, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. Various administrative positions, New York City government.

FAMILY: Married to husband Jim Brown. Lynne has three children and two stepchildren.

SOCIAL MEDIA: On Twitter, @DonnaLynneCO, Facebook.com/LynneforColorado and Instagram.com/lynneforcolorado. Website: http://www.lynneforcolorado.com/


Victor Mitchell

HOME TOWN: Castle Rock.

PARTY: Republican.

AGE: 52 (Born Dec. 12, 1965).

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree, San Diego State University; Master’s, public administration, Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government.

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: State representative, 2007-2009.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: CEO, Lead Funding, real estate lender; adjunct professor, Colorado State University College of Business; founder/chair/CEO, several wireless, data provider and real estate firms.

FAMILY: Married to wife Amy. They have three children.

SOCIAL MEDIA: On Twitter, @Vic4Gov, Facebook.com/Vic4Gov and Instagram.com/vic4gov. Website: http://www.vicforgov.com


Jared Polis

HOME TOWN: Boulder.

PARTY: Democratic.

AGE: 43 (Born May 12, 1975).

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree, Princeton University.

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: U.S. representative, 2009-present. Colorado State Board of Education member, 2001-2006.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Entrepreneur. Founder, ProFlowers. Co-founder, American Information Systems and Techstars.

FAMILY: Polis has two children with his partner, Marlon.

SOCIAL MEDIA: On Twitter, @PolisforCO, Facebook.com/PolisForColorado and Instagram.com/jaredpolis. Website: http://www.polisforcolorado.com/


Doug Robinson

HOME TOWN: Englewood.

PARTY: Republican.

AGE: 56 (Born Oct. 29, 1961).

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree, Brigham Young University; MBA, Columbia University.

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Co-founder with wife Diane, Smart Colorado, which aims to protect children from marijuana harms.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Investment banker, KMPG; founder, St. Charles Capital, corporate financial consultancy.

FAMILY: Married to wife Diane. They have five children.

SOCIAL MEDIA: On Twitter, @DougRobinsonCO, Facebook.com/DougforCO and Instagram.com/DougRobinson_CO. Website: http://dougforcolorado.com


Walker Stapleton

HOME TOWN: Denver.

PARTY: Republican.

AGE: 44 (Born April 15, 1974).

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree, Williams College; M.A., business economics, London School of Economics; MBA, Harvard Business School.

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Colorado state treasurer, 2011-present.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Former chairman/CEO, Sonoma West Holdings, Inc., commercial real estate; real estate investor.

FAMILY: Married to wife Jenna. They have three children.

SOCIAL MEDIA: On Twitter, @WalkerStapleton, and Facebook.com/Walker.R.Stapleton. Website: http://www.stapletonforcolorado.com

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