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EDITORIAL: Trump is overdue nominating a U.S. attorney for Colorado

Author: The Denver Post Editorial Board - June 16, 2017 - Updated: June 16, 2017

Colorado has not had a permanent U.S. attorney since last summer. In fact, all 93 U.S. attorney positions throughout the country are vacant because President Donald Trump has not yet nominated new ones. We understand that he’s been busy with a lot and probably isn’t overly fond of lawyers these days, but justice and the rule of law require stability and leadership that acting U.S. attorneys often cannot provide.

The vacancies themselves are not unusual for a new administration. Customarily, all U.S. attorneys resign after an election to allow a new president to fill the positions. So when Colorado’s previous U.S. attorney, John Walsh, announced his resignation in July last year, it was surprising only in that it was so early.

Many more U.S. attorneys resigned over the following months, and when Attorney General Jeff Sessions in March asked the 46 holdouts from the Obama administration to leave, it was consistent with past practice.

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