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EDITORIAL: Local physicians try to fix health care

Author: The Gazette Editorial Board - August 12, 2017 - Updated: August 12, 2017

Health care providers and patients should be done waiting on politicians to solve the health care crisis, which cannot be fixed with a magic federal law.

Former President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act flooded the market with insurance, not care. The result is rationing with high deductibles and co-pays. Colorado and other states have neglected roads and schools to subsidize expansion of Medicaid insurance, which also is not care.

Politicians don’t get it and continue talking about insurance distribution schemes as the means of fixing a health care industry that provides too little care at too high a cost. More insurance chasing a fixed supply of old-school health care does nothing but create an inflated currency of insurance certificates with nominal value.

Innovative disruption provides the best hope of an affordable, accessible and diversified health care market the world will envy. There is no legislative shortcut.

Consider how entrepreneurs and investors saved us from another seemingly intractable consumer crisis. Energy innovation moved us from deadly foreign oil dependence to a domestic production boom that benefits Americans who need to transport themselves and heat and cool their offices and homes. More oil and gas, produced by private enterprise, has protected our economy, lowered overhead for consumers and businesses, and saved our country from the prospect of energy wars abroad.

Investors and entrepreneurs saw a problem, and they set about resolving it. They improved drilling techniques and the technology of hydraulic fracturing, ensuring a sustainable and affordable supply of oil and gas for generations to come as we transition to modern replacements.

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