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EDITORIAL: We’re hoping Blue Ocean redevelops a replica of the Windsor Mill

Author: The Greeley Tribune Editorial Board - August 12, 2017 - Updated: August 12, 2017

Every fire, of course, is a tragedy for somebody. Sometimes lots of somebodies.

The fire at the Windsor Mill on Sunday was a gut punch for an entire community. And we can’t imagine how devastated the developer, Blue Ocean Inc., must feel.

Curt and Nancy Richardson, the name behind OtterBox in Fort Collins, are the owners of Blue Ocean, and we’re encouraged by what they said earlier this week.

“We will work closely with our design team and local officials to better understand the options and timeline for bringing this project online again,” the Richardsons said in the release.

The entire project was earlier valued at $9.2 million. The town of Windsor had committed $3.7 million worth of incentives. We know the project was approaching the finish line, and tenants such as a restaurant and a brew pub were being courted.

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